October 2022

In this article you will find all information and instructions on how to update your Tellermate cash counter for the new polymer notes / pound coins.

First you need to establish which model from the Tellermate range you have got?

  • Touch – our touchscreen cash counter. With this device you can simply key in the new weight. Please find instructions here or contact our customer service team.
  • T-iX – this cash counter range can be manually updated via calibration or permanently via software upgrade. Please read this FAQ page for more information or head straight to the instructions.
  • TY, TY+, TD – These models are obsolete and Tellermate ceased production of these units more than 10 years ago. We kindly ask for your understanding that these products are no longer supported by our customer service team since 2018 and that our help desk is only trained on T-iX and Touch cash counters. Please also see TY End of Life for more information and TY user manual.
  • LiveSafe & LiveDrawer – please contact your head office first for updates. For direct customers please contact our customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cash counting device count all the new polymer notes and coins?

For your Tellermate cash counter to be able to count the new polymer notes, you might need to enable and potentially calibrate the new denominations. But what exactly you need to do depends on the current software on your machine.

As a rule we suggest to:

  • simply calibrate £1 coin, £5 and £10 polymer notes, as the old currency is no longer in circulation.
  • enable and calibrate the £20N denomination, as long as the paper notes are still in circulation.
  • enable and calibrate the £50N denomination as soon as you receive the first polymer notes.
  • Once paper notes are out of circulation, please disable £20 and £50.
  • Do not disable paper notes until their official withdrawal date.
What will be different in the cash count?

Until the old notes/coins are out of circulation, you will need to count the old and new currency separately. To do this, you will have two options on your machine. One to count your old notes/coins on (e.g. ‘£50) and a denominational setting showing as ‘N’ (e.g. £50N) for the new notes/coins that can be set to show up in your count task.

  • Can I mix the new coins/notes when cashing up? No, you’ll need to keep the old paper notes/coins apart from the new polymer ones and count them separately. This is due to the significant difference in weight between the old and new denomination.
  • Will the machine count bundles? Some of our customers do have the option to weigh bundles on their unit. Please review the instructions for your specific region for the £5, £10, £20 and £50 polymer notes at the bottom of this page.
  • What happens when the old denomination is no longer in circulations? Once old coins/paper notes are withdrawn from circulation the old denominations can be switched off/disabled.
When should I update / calibrate my cash counter?
  • To avoid confusion, the best time to enable the new denominations will be once you start receiving them.
  • Once you have updated/calibrated your cash counter, please inform your staff and colleagues about the change on the unit to avoid confusion within your team.
When will the paper notes leave circulation?
  • England/Wales: The Bank of England has announced in a press release that the ’30 September 2022 will be the last day you can use Bank of England paper £20 and £50 notes. After 30 September 2022, these paper notes will no longer be legal tender, so we encourage people to spend them or deposit them at their bank ahead of this date.’

Our Advice

Now that all polymer notes have been issued we’re advising to get the permanent software upgrade for your T-iX cash counter.

You can of course calibrate manually, but this is only a temporary solution:

  • If you encounter any issues that require a reset on your unit, your cash counter will resort back to its factory settings. This means that any previously calibrated weights are lost, and the denominations go back to the weights of the old notes/coins. This could lead to miscounts if you aren’t aware, e.g. your colleague from the previous shift may has forgotten to mention it to you.
  • By updating the software on the machine, you can ensure to avoid any such issues. Some units might not be eligible for an update due to age and we may suggest to order replacement.

If you are calling from a branch and are unsure about updates or instructions, please contact your head office first. They will supply you with the relevant information.

If you would like to know more about updates and eligibility of your unit, please contact us:

  • Phone: 01633 637 123
  • Email: sales.uk@tellermate.com
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