Real Time Visibility
Instant insight into store performance at regional & store level
Faster Investigations
Drastically reduce investigation time down from days/weeks into minutes
Fully Connected
Secure cloud reporting software can be viewed across multiple devices
Instant Alerts
Customisable notifications let you know when thresholds have been breached

LiveDrawer Manager Software

LiveDrawer Manager is a customisable solution that automatically reconciles the physical cash in the drawer against the POS to show exactly how much the drawer holds – in real-time. It instantly counts coins and bills as they are placed into the cash drawer and provides 24/7 remote insight into a drawer’s contents.

Store Overview

Compare enterprise wide regions and stores at a glance to pinpoint regions and stores in breach of your customised cash compliance targets.

Discrepancy Percentage: View the percentage of all transactions that resulted in a discrepancy over a selected date range – highlighting instances of accidental cash loss or internal theft, and identifying training needs.
Discrepancy Total Value: View the total value of all discrepancies by region, for a selected date range. This gives finance and loss prevention teams an instant overview of the total value of discrepancies.
End of Shift Tolerance Breaches: View end of shift discrepancy tolerance breaches by number of breaches and percentage of total shifts.

Store Drilldown

See which individual cashiers were responsible for overs and shorts in store. View trends by cashier to identify problem cashiers or training needs in a few clicks.

Discrepancy Drilldown: View total value of discrepancies by cashier, and which type of transaction caused the discrepancies.
Tolerance Breaches: See which cashiers caused tolerance breaches, when, and by how much. This can be linked to transaction-by-transaction analysis allowing rapid investigations.
Instant Investigation: Immediately pinpoint discrepancy trends over customisable date ranges by cashier. This makes it easier to determine the source of discrepancies and protects honest staff.


Denomination Thresholds

Customise over and short thresholds plus optimal level for each denomination so that stores are notified when a change replenishment or cash pickup needs to happen.

By store, set over and short thresholds plus optimal cash level for each denomination so stores are notified when a change replenishment or cash pickup needs to happen.

Optimum Float Level: Used to auto-calculate till lift and replenishment requirements.
Replenishment Thresholds: Used to notify users that coin denominations are low and/or banknote quantities are high and that cashier action needs to be taken.


Denominational Usage Breakdown

The denomination usage dashboard shows the total value of the inflow/outflow of coins and notes in the store. The user can see exactly how many coins have flowed both in and out of the store through sales transactions, helping managers forecast and conduct their change ordering.

Denomination Outflow: View from all tills within a store over a customisable date range
Denomination Usage: Used to drive optimisation of store change orders as stores are able to order smaller quantities of coin based on real usage data.


Optimal Cash Levels

Reduce time spent replenishing tills and performing pickups and ensure cash levels are optimal across all tills in the store. See a printable overview of full rolls to retrieve from the safe plus which tills need them, as well as till pickups.

Real-Time Instructions: Receive replenishment recommendations detailing how many full bags/rolls to retrieve from the back office safe and which individual tills to replenish them into, in order to reach optimum float levels. Also receive lift instructions by till with specific lift quantities to meet pre-set optimum denomination levels.



Discrepancy Dashboard

Have an overall view of cash discrepancies across your stores in one single dashboard that can be shared with HQ. Hover over the data to see the value and click through to display transactions filtered to that specific cashier and day.

View crucial metrics such as:

– Total value of discrepancies across selected stores
– Breakdown of the largest absolute discrepancies
– Cashier tolerance breaches



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