Market-leading counterfeit detection
Reduced contact with cash to improve security
Enhanced security at the checkout
Enhanced cash management system to increase efficiency

LiveSafe - compact, intelligent and connected

The Tellermate LiveSafe is the next generation of smart safes. It is essentially an intelligent drop box which would typically sit at your point of sale, giving cashiers a quick and convenient method to secure their cash.

Its compact size means that it can easily be placed below or beside the cash drawer and integrated into existing furniture. The LiveSafe has several unique features that set it apart from traditional smart safes:

Enhanced Counterfeit Detection – Our spectral note reader analyses 4.8 million data points, including texture, material, ink and more. This gives the LiveSafe some of the most advanced counterfeit detection capabilities in the market today.

Tamper Evident Cassettes – The LiveSafe stores cash deposits in tamper evident cassettes which store up to 1000 notes. These have a greater storage capacity compared to traditional single use bags and help deter internal theft due to the enhanced security features.

Permission Based Access – The LiveSafe has multi-tier electronic security keys, allowing you to set access permissions. Each user is assigned a key which means you have a secure audit trail and accountability through your cash process.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint – In addition to the enhanced security, our cassettes are reuseable which removes the waste and cost of single use plastic bags. The additional capacity also reduces how often banking runs or CIT pickups need to be made.

Smart Safes are often deployed ‘back of house’ for keeping cash secure. LiveSafe is a compact and flexible solution that delivers many of the benefits of traditional Smart Safes right at the point of sale.

Remote Updates – Thanks to the enhanced connectivity available with the LiveSafe, software updates to accept new currency are carried out remotely and seamlessly, minimising the operational impact to your business.

Low Maintenance – Our spectral note reader is expertly engineered to minimise maintenance requirements, and to maximise its lifespan.

Interface – Our unique interface allows you to access data about the contents of your LiveSafe, through your Tellermate Touch device, Cloud-based Viewer or LiveDrawer solution. This enables you to navigate seamlessly between drawer and safe counts and increases efficiency.

Safe Sharing – LiveSafe has been developed to allow sharing between multiple POS’ which reduces the cost and space requirement of our system.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Our spectral note reader analyses over 4.8 million data points which includes material, texture, ink and more. This gives it some of the most advanced counterfeit detection technology available today, and it does this in just a single second for each note.

Advanced Connectivity and Integration

Smart safes are great for keeping your cash secure, but as a standalone solution they often can’t fulfil the complex cash management challenges faced by retailers.

By pairing a smart safe such as LiveSafe, with our Touch cash counter or LiveDrawer you can create an extremely robust and cost effective solution, especially compared to larger and more expensive solutions.

The Touch-LiveSafe Solution

Our LiveSafe intelligent compact smart safe comes into its own when paired with the Tellermate Touch.

Your Touch device can be used as the interface for your network of LiveSafes which enables you to count cash-drawers and LiveSafe contents seamlessly and efficiently, all while maximising security throughout your business. This means that less time is spent counting cash, and less people handle the cash, keeping your stores efficient and clean.

This solution, which is unique to Tellermate, also grants access to our cloud-based Touch Viewer software which gives instant visibility of cash flowing through your stores.

To further increase the benefits of this cash management solution, the software can be integrated with a variety of other ERP software, including Zonal, IBM and more.

Watch the demo to see how it works. The system can be set up to suit clients needs, here we show a standard setup:

Count cash drawers and LiveSafe contents seamlessly and efficiently. You have instant visibility in Touch Viewer of both, cash counted in your drawers and cash deposited into your safes.

  • Market-leading counterfeit detection
  • Reduced contact with cash to improve security
  • Enhanced security at the checkout
  • Enhanced system-wide benefits to cash management system to increase efficiency
  • Reusable cash cassettes to reduce waste and cost of single use plastic safe bags

LiveSafe and LiveDrawer Solution

The combination of transaction-by-transaction reconciliation which is offered by LiveDrawer, pairs perfectly with the increased security of LiveSafe. This creates an end-to-end cash management solution which is cost-effective, maximises security and increases productivity.

Thanks to this cash management solution you always know how much cash is running through your stores and can enable more accurate financial reporting. It also drastically reduces contact with cash, further protecting your employees and improving hygiene within your stores.

Finding the best solution for your business can be difficult, yet Tellermate can help. As the inventors of weight-based cash counting technology, we know a thing or two about managing your cash effectively.

If you would like more information on LiveSafes, its integration capabilities or any of our other solutions please get in touch via the form below.

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