Counts Notes & Coins
Counts bundles, bags and rolls of cash accurately
Fast Count
Count an entire till in less than 60 seconds or less
Powerful Connectivity
Multiple different connectivity options including USB, Ethernet & Serial
Highly Accurate
Weighs a single banknote and learns as it weighs

T-iMoney Counting Machine

The T-icash counter can accurately count the entire contents of a till in under 60 seconds making it an essential tool for any business that handles cash.

By counting a broad range of bank notes, coins and other media types, the T-iX is sure to satisfy your counting needs. So whether you are counting daily takings, investigating incidents of cash loss, or preparing bank deposits, the T-iwill become an indispensable tool for your business.

Valuable Time Savings

With a T-iX you can reduce the time taken to count cash by up to 70%, resulting in reduced labour hours and potential savings. Through a more streamlined process, staff can spend less time counting cash and more time with customers or revenue-generating activities.

Reduced Cash Loss

By providing detailed, accurate counts of your cash, the T-iX is a tool to combat cash loss. With the ability to create audit trails, generate cash data and perform quick discrepancy checks, your cash is given an extra security layer. Never again will cash miscounts or inaccurate bank deposits cost you!

Rapid Return on Investment

Whatever your size, the T-iX can dramatically save you time and money whilst streamlining and simplifying your cash-handling activities. The robust design, powerful features and incredible long-term performance prove the T-iX’s worth very quickly, providing a rapid ROI for any business.

T-ix Range Feature List

— Multiple till handling, count tasks and currency options
— Multiple different connectivity options
— Able to detect weight variations over time and automatically adjust
— Customisable float values and multiple till memory
— Counts loose, bundled, clipped and sleeved banknotes
— Counts loose, bagged and rolled coins
— Counts other media such as tokens and coupons
— Connectivity options include USB-B, Serial and Ethernet
— Easy to use with a large keypad and clear display
— Intuitive menu structure to navigate quickly with minimal disruption
— Light, portable and tough for any cash-handling environment
— Polymer ready

Range of T-iModels

Our models go from the basic T-i1000 to the connected T-i4500 and come with different software specifications depending on your need, to weigh bundles or multiple currencies.

Depending on your connectivity requirements, starting with T-i2000 we offer a printer connection, T-i3000 offers an additional PC connection via USB-B and Serial and T-i4500 adds Ethernet capability and a keypad.

Find out which model would be best for your operations!


Printers & Accessories

Get more out of your cash counter with a Tellermate printer – measure store performance, track and adhere to your process, easily check any errors or discrepancies, and print out detailed audit trails.

In addition to a range of printers, other T-i accessories include cables, coin cups and rechargeable batteries for maximum mobility.


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