Supermarket technology

Case studies from the grocery sector

If you work in the Grocery industry, you know just how important each little efficiency across your business can be. Because, with paper-thin margins and tough competition, success lies not just in the best customer experience, the most expensive supermarket technology or the cheapest suppliers; but also in making your stores as operationally efficient as possible.

That’s why, when it comes to managing the cash across their stores, some of the world’s leading supermarket brands are already recognising the benefits of a more streamlined cash management function.

Because, from slow and inefficient manual cash counting, to cash handling errors – not to mention the time, resource and labour costs associated with investigating instances of cash loss, inefficient cash management costs businesses both time and money.

Streamlining your cash management results not just in time savings, but often in a reduction of banking fees and labour costs – directly impacting your bottom line.

It’s for this reason that grocery chains all over the world invest in cutting-edge supermarket technology, such as intelligent cash drawers or cash counters; to help them streamline their cash management, combat cash loss and reduce the operational and labour costs associated with processing their cash..


Schnuck Markets Inc. operate 100 state-of-the-art supermarkets in the Midwest United States.

“We were looking for technology that supported audits on the shop floor, and the portability and accuracy of the Tellermate system provide just what we needed. “

Manager of industrial engineering


Part of the large retail group ‘Les Mousquetaires’, Intermarché has over 1,800 stores throughout France.

“Our cashiers were always stressed about cashing up and making mistakes. Now they are more relaxed. “

Christine Gallard, Head Cashier at Intermarché Agners

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