Inventor of Counting Cash by Weight

Founded in 1979 Tellermate developed count-by-weight technology. Initially created for use in major financial institutions and banks, it came to be adopted across the wider commercial world. Today Tellermate solutions process over £2 billion daily across 30 countries.

What is count-by-weight technology?

The concept is simple. It works by weighing each denomination of money and measuring the weight against the stored weight for the denomination.  

So as an example, if you are weighing a batch of £5 notes, and the stored weight per note for this denomination is 1 gram. The Tellermate device then records a total weight of 10 grams, and it will calculate and display the result as £50.  

Counts are instantaneous and you can count coin and note denominations one after another, on the same cash counter, or all denominations in real-time in our intelligent cash drawer. 

How can count-by-weight technology be accurate?

The first thing to understand is that currencies in developed economies, are produced under strict parameters to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to create fraudulent notes. Due to these parameters and quality controls, there is little variation between all coins or notes of a given denomination. 

The stored weights are based on our extensive and ongoing analysis of circulating notes and coins and our close working relationships with national banks around the globe. 

The real key to our accuracy though is our algorithms. Tellermate uses artificial intelligence built into the software on each device, to allow it to account for the minor variations one could expect – for example, moisture levels, dirt, and tears. 

What count-by-weight cash management solutions are available?

Tellermate offers a range of solutions using count-by-weight technology – from our renowned cash counters to our intelligent cash drawers, compact smart safes, and cash management software solutions. Explore the range: 

Touchscreen Cash Counter

With intuitive touchscreen menu & internet capability this one of a kind cash counter can be the perfect addition to any cash process at any business size. It can be connected to it’s own Cloud-based journal – TouchViewer or integrated via API to your cash management system.

Desktop Cash Counter

Our T-iX range is a versatile option to cover basic cash counting needs to all kinds of industries. It has connectivity options from receipt printer to PC and can be integrated to cash-management systems.

Intelligent Drawer

LiveDrawer is available in different sizes that can fit into space of your existing dumb drawer. But, this intelligent drawer is counting notes & coins as they enter and leave it, plus is can analyse change levels and cashier errors via its LiveDrawer Manager software.

Compact Smart Safe

LiveSafe – our intelligent smart safe – can be linked with our Touch cash counter or LiveDawer to create a more close-loop solution. It does not use count-by-weight technology, but will check all notes for counterfeits with spectral technology and counts & assigns accepted notes to a cashier or till.

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