Tellermate Touch brings familiarity to cash counting

The concept of a cash counter is not new, and over time they have proven their value.

Count-by-weight cash counters have been around since Tellermate invented them nearly 40 years ago – and those who use them appreciate the benefits they provide. But, as the market moves forward and technological advances have made touch devices the new norm, we’ve progressed, too. The Tellermate Touch enables us to help our customers drive even more efficiency in their businesses. This model meets the end user where they are, and the on-screen interface is similar to that of a smartphone.

Why a touchscreen cash counter?

Tellermate Touch touchscreen cash counter

Simply put, the Tellermate Touch cash counter is a portable, lightweight device that allows you to count a cash drawer in less than 60 seconds. Just touch and swipe the screen – similar to how you use your smartphone or another smart device – and follow the intuitive navigation to cash out, prepare start-of-day banks or end-of-day deposits, count back-office safes, incoming change and other cash-counting tasks.

The cash counters come with an on-screen training video that takes just minutes, and there are help features readily available in the device’s software. The familiarity of the aesthetics of the device and the portability makes it more likely to be used correctly by all staff members. While the price point of our Touch cash counter is slightly above that of our other models, it quickly pays off.

Additionally, the ability to remotely access cash counts from any of your stores provides invaluable data for more accurate decision making around deposits, pickups and denomination thresholds.


Intuitive touchscreen interface & large screen. Simplicity is key when introducing something new to the workplace. This cash counter machine’s icon-driven navigation provides an optimised user experience with easy-to-use, easy-to-follow menus. Just touch, swipe and you’ll quickly know where to go to perform a count task. What’s more, the Tellermate Touch screen is larger than any other cash counter screen on the market, making it easy to read its large, universally recognised icons. The icons are big enough that they are easily touchable on the first tap – unlike the small icons, letter and numbers on many smartphones and other touch-enable cash counters for retail.

Cloud application. It’s the market’s only touchscreen cash counter with a cloud application that allows remote and on-site users access to full count data from their smart device or PC. This instant, enterprise-wide visibility of your business’s cash gives you the power to make cash-related decisions on the spot. The ability to access analytics across multiple devices and locations – even while on the go ‒ means you can quickly check to see if stores have completed end-of-shift reconciliations, safe checks or other cash management processes. Plus, count data can easily be exported into a file that’s compatible with your company’s PCs or mobile devices – Excel, Word, XML or another.

Connectivity. When using the most-connected cash counter on the market, you can print a hard copy of count data wirelessly to your office printer or a Bluetooth printer. Users can connect to back-office systems using Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet.

Audit trail. Since each operator signs in and out, you can generate a time-and-date-stamped audit trail that shows every count. Should a cash discrepancy arise, you can pinpoint which employees or stores need additional training – or figure out how cash loss occurred.

Onboard training video and help guide. A built-in training video and on-screen user guide provides everything store managers and cashiers need to get up to speed in minutes – relieving the burden from training or IT teams. In fact, if you want more detail about a certain icon or task, just touch the information icon (i) to delve deeper.

Customisation. In the settings function, you can set your preferred language and currency along with your business’s own count process. Whether closeout, deposit, opening bank, or any additional information your staff finds useful.

Antimicrobial additive. This inhibits bacteria from reproducing by up to 99 percent, so the spread of germs through multiple cashiers is limited. This is especially important in restaurant, food and retail settings, and helps give employees confidence in safety measures. The antimicrobial agent is manufactured into the casing of the Money Counting Machine, allowing them protection to last throughout the product’s lifetime.

Ability to program in non-cash items. Not only does the touchscreen device quickly tally loose, bagged or rolled coins; and loose or strapped bills; but it will count non-cash items that include checks, tokens and coupons – including gift cards, gift vouchers, tickets and stamps.

All-day charge. Each cash counter for retail comes with a rechargeable battery that provides continuous hours of portable use with an overnight charge.

Lightweight portability. Spot audits are a snap since you can move the device from one location to the next. This allows you to settle customer change disputes right away – so no need to shut down a lane to perform a quick count.

It’s interesting to think back to the very first count-by-weight cash counter machine that Tellermate introduced in the early 1980s. It was revolutionary in its day. Once again, we’ve broken new ground and with the most-connected cash counter on the market – the Tellermate Touch. It, too, is revolutionising retail by providing cash counting efficiency and accuracy like never before.

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