Launch of the new polymer £20 note in 2020

11 Oct 2019 News

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has now finally unveiled the full design of the new £20 note, which will be issued for the first time on 20 February 2020.

The polymer £20 is the most secure note to date.

The new polymer £20 noteYou can take a closer look at the new note in a slider showing all features on the links below.

The Features

The new £20 note is featuring the artist JMW Turner. It also contains sophisticated security features making it the most secure Bank of England banknote yet. ‘For the first time, the note incorporates two windows and a two-colour foil, making it very difficult to counterfeit.’


Tellermate Support

Of course, you will be able to count the new notes with our current cash counting equipment. As in the past we are supporting our customers to update their Money Counting Machines for the new polymer notes in the simplest way possible.

You can find our cash counting instructions & relevant information on how to update your Tellermate Money Counting Machine on our support page.


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