Join Us at NRF PROTECT 2024

June 4-6, 2024 | Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Convention Center |  Booth #1255

Retailers are looking for transformative technology solutions to keep their employees, customers and organization safe.

This is where Tellermate can deliver great value to your operations.

Head to booth #1255 at NRF PROTECT 2024 to learn how the world’s largest retailers are reducing operational costs, driving efficiency & security while on top saving around two labor hours per store, per day, with Tellermate’s end-to-end cash management technology.

Book a personalized demo with us to see first-hand how our end-to-end solutions can reduce costs and increase in-store efficiency in your business.

Intelligent Cash Drawers

Tellermate’s end-to-end cash management solution, LiveDrawer, could help your stores simplify the traditional cash management process by automating manual tasks (such as drawer reconciliations or CIT deposits), and reducing the number of “touches” in the cash-to-bank cycle.

This streamlined process cuts the time spent processing cash by up to 70% and saves around 2 hours, per store, per day. For a typical mid-sized retailer, that’s a savings of around 180,000 labor hours annually – a big boost to the bottom line – and that’s before you count the reduction in cash loss.

Our LiveDrawer – the intelligent cash drawer solution – has the potential to deliver considerable benefits to your business:

  • 100% Reduction in cash losses: Can totally eradicate cash shrink at the point of sale
  • 10% Operational labor time saving: Removing the requirement to count cash manually will save vast amounts of time
  • 1% Increase in bottom line: The combination of reduced cash shrink and optimized cash processing contributes positively to bottom line profitability

Intelligent Cash Counters

Tellermate’s range of intelligent cash counters, T-ix and Touch, enable your stores to quickly and accurately count a cash drawer in under 60 seconds.

Our count-by-weight technology automates the cash counting process, saving your cashiers and managers valuable time setting start banks, closing out, or reconciling cash drawers between shift changeovers.

Regardless of the size of your business, our cash counters can help your stores reduce cash loss, save  time and streamline your cash counting process.

Compact Smart Safes

With our new compact smart safe, LiveSafe, you can further enhance cash security either at the point of sale or in the back office. LiveSafe has counterfeit detection, helps with reducing single use plastic safebags and adds accountability and an audit trail to your safe deposits.

A number of LiveSafes can be connected to our touchscreen cash counter, but the safe can also be used together with LiveDrawer for a closed-loop cash management solution.

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