Detecting theft with LiveDrawer Manager

While LiveDrawer can be integrated into the POS system, there is an additional tool available to get the right data and reports from the cash transactions with LiveDrawer. To get the data you need – and to avoid costly changes to your POS system – we developed a software tool called LiveDrawer Manager.

You can set up a variety of reports with this tool and you can use the data to optimise processes, reduce cash management costs, and pin-point exact incidents of bad practices occurring with your cash drawers.

Let’s have a look at how easy it is to follow up discrepancies with LiveDrawer Manager!

What else can you read from the discrepancies dashboard?

Bad intentions aren’t the sole cause of discrepancies in your cash drawers. If you look at the transactions below you can see an example of where training needs have been identified. The transactions are messy and don’t follow usual POS processes, so it is most likely that this employee has training needs. Having data like this at your fingertips makes identifying such things easy and avoids wrongful accusations, protecting your hardworking, loyal staff.

LiveDrawer acts as theft deterrent

LiveDrawer pilots in problem stores have proven successful in preventing theft due to the transaction-by-transaction reconciliation, which takes away any opportunity of dishonesty. Once employees are aware of the features, they know that they will be caught out.

In the given example in the video above where LiveDrawer is connected to a POS system, Raquel would receive a notification on the POS screen that she over charged the customer but would choose to ignore the message. But, by stealing from the customer, she not only puts herself in a bad light but could also put the company she is working for in an unwanted situation. With the LiveDrawer solution, this can now easily be identified with evidence and dealt with before it becomes a pattern.

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