February 2020


  • Will my Tellermate T-ix count the new £1 coins?

Yes it will. All models of T-ix (1000-4500 range) are capable of counting the new coin. Tellermate are working closely with the Royal Mint to ensure our cash counters are ready for the upcoming currency changes. For your Tellermate T-ix cash counter to be able to count the new £1, you need to enable the denomination or calibrate. Please go to our user guide page for instruction.

  • What about the £5, £10 note & £2o polymer notes?

Tellermate devices are ready for the new polymer notes. For your Tellermate cash counter to be able to count the new polymer notes, you need to enable and potentially calibrate the denominations. Please contact the customer services helpline for more information or simply check our instructions on how to enable and calibrate the new £20 note denomination.

  • What are the options to update my cash counter?

Depending on when you purchased your machine – and what model you have, you may either have to manually enable the new weight which is already installed in the software or calibrate using the new note/coin. For information on how to do this, please follow our online user guides. Please also see: TY / TY+ End of Life

If you wish to purchase a software update, please contact our customer service team.

If you are calling from a branch and are unsure about updates or instructions, please contact your head office first. They will supply you with the relevant information.

  • Can I mix the new coins/notes when cashing up?

You’ll need to keep the old notes/coins apart from the new ones and count them separately due to the difference in weights.

  • What will be different in the cash count?

Until the old notes/coins are out of circulation you will need to separate them from the new versions and count them on the ‘N’ denominational settings (e.g. ‘£10 N’, ‘£20 N’…) in the scroll order. Once the old coins and notes are withdrawn from circulation the old denominations can be switched off.

  • When should I do it?

To avoid confusion, the best time to enable the new denominations will be as you come to count them. As the release date approaches, instructions for enabling the new denominations will be made available by Tellermate.

  • How do I get extra help?

Just call (01633 276 868) or email our customer service team at: cst.uk@tellermate.com


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