Touch Money Counter Customer Stories


Golden State Restaurant Group

The Golden State Restaurant Group is a locally owned and operated family-run McDonald’s operator with 45 restaurants in the US. With tills overflowing with coins and the restaurants undertaking all cash counting manually, the Group identified a need to automate this process in each of its restaurants.

“The Touch saves time and reduces anxiety related to cash counting responsibilities. A great solution for creating in-restaurant efficiencies. “

Carli Schrader, Owner/Operator Golden State Restaurant Group

Stevenson of Oxbridge Forecourt

Stevenson of Oxbridge is a NISA member as well as a forecourt operator with 3 stores in the UK using the Tellermate Touch-LiveSafe cash management solution

“The Touch-LiveSafe solution is extremely simple to use and a main benefit for us is that it is accessed through the Cloud to balance our transactions. It is so simple all the team can do it. “

Katie, Operations and HR Manager

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is a Canadian retail pharmacy chain based in Toronto, Ontario and is operating more than 1,300 stores.

“Knowing the value of Tellermate's cash counting technology, Shoppers Drug Mart turned to us to upgrade and future-proof their estate with touchscreen cash counters. “


Valu Home Center

Valu Home Centers is a regional home improvement and housewares chain with 36 locations. They needed a solution that could aid with better coin circulation in store and save valuable time counting.

“”By reducing the hours spent counting cash each day to under 30 minutes, we can now focus on making sure our cashiers are well trained and supported.” “

Audit and Store Support Manager, Valu Home Center

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