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The Importance of Cash Payments for Small Businesses

Being a Shop Owner you may have already come to the conclusion that taking cash is how you get the most money out of your transactions. Taking cash has the advantage that you can avoid cashless & card transaction fees, so the £20 you take in is still worth £20. But all cash needs counting at the end of a shift or day and with Tellermate you can achieve this simply quite fast.

How much time does your business waste counting cash by hand? 

Let’s start with how long it takes you or your employees to cash-up tills. It could be 10 minutes per till – it could be more. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a lot. But what about how long it takes to verify change deliveries, set floats, count bank deposits and perform other general cash handling tasks? It all adds up…

Before you know it, your staff are spending a big part of their day on these time-consuming, manual tasks. Morale can decrease, error rates can increase, labour costs can rise and sales can suffer. Not great for your employees and not great for your business.

But what if you could automate unnecessary cash handling tasks in your stores?    What if tills could be reconciled in less than 60 seconds?    What if banking deposits could be prepared in minutes?

Why Tellermate is a great choice for your business

Tellermate’s innovative count-by-weight cash counters give your business an effective and highly accurate way to count your tills in under a minute – reducing cash handling errors and saving both valuable time and money. And, when combined with our cash management software, you’ll be able to get detailed count information transferred directly to your own devices – eliminating the opportunity for data input errors.

All this means that you get a more accurate overview of the cash across your stores. It means that time-consuming manual cash handling tasks are automated, cash handling mistakes are reduced, and that your employees will be free to spend time where it really matters – with your customers.

Benefits to you

Tellermate’s cash management solutions help your stores count their cash quicker, streamline their cash management and protect against cash loss. We help you:

Save time and money

We help you save both time and money by automating those time-consuming manual tasks that take up your employee’s time. With our cash counters, tills can be cashed-up in under a minute and bank deposits can be prepared just as quickly.

Reduce cash loss

Ensure that cash loss is kept to a minimum by automating manual cash handling. Whether your cash loss is caused by human error or dishonest employees, our solutions will help you protect your profits by adding an extra layer of security and accountability.

Improve accuracy

Everybody makes mistakes. And, in a busy retail environment, even your best employees can be prone to cash handling errors. With our cash counters, you can eliminate the need to count cash by hand by automating the process. This improves accuracy and ensures that your deposits, safe counts and till counts are right first time.

Get better visibility of your cash

Get detailed audits of each till reconciliation with our cash counters. Or for even greater visibility use our cash management software to monitor your cash as it moves in, around and out of your stores.

T-iX Customer Stories

Find out how we help businesses all across the world, from corner shops to supermarket chains manage their cash quickly and more efficiently.


Tellermate’s intelligent cash management solutions help you achieve more efficiency by helping to eliminate cash loss, speed up cash management and improve cash handling procedures.

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