Touch + Touch Viewer Brochure

18 Apr 2023 Brochures

With Tellermate Touch, counting cash is fast, accurate and easy. You will also receive an overview of all cash counts from your stores.

Touch is the money counter of the future

It’s portable, lightweight and allows you to count a cash drawer in less than 60 seconds. Tellermate Touch is convincing its users around the globe with its game-changing features, cloud-based cash management application and advanced IoT connectivity.

Just touch and swipe the screen – similar to how you use your smartphone – and follow the intuitive navigation to cash up, prepare start-of-day floats – perform your end-of-day counts – count your back-office safes – verify incoming change orders as well as rapidly and accurately take care of all other cash-related tasks specific to your operation.

Learn how you could be benefiting from the major unique selling points of Touch:

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