Introduction of the new King Charles III polymer notes in 2024

10 Feb 2024 News

The new King notes are expected to enter circulation mid-2024 and we will start to see the new notes alongside the Queen Elisabeth II banknotes and overtime older Queen notes may be replaced with the newer King notes.

The Features

The image of King Charles III will appear on the front of all four of the polymer banknotes (£5, £10, £20 and £50), as well as in the see-through security window.

Will my Tellermate Equipment be able to count the new notes?

We want to ensure our customers that they will be able to count the new notes with their current Tellermate equipment. As in the past we are supporting our customers to update their Money Counting Machines when needed for new currency updates in the simplest way possible.

As usual we will issue guidance closer to the release date of the new King notes to avoid confusion in the daily store operations of our customers.

For information on how to update LiveSafe or LiveDrawer products please contact your account manager or our customer support.

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