Increasing cash security with Touch-LiveSafe

Is cash shrink an issue for your business? Finding the right solution is not easy, especially if you aren’t familiar with the technology available.

In the past year we have developed a solution that caters towards businesses who want the benefits of a recycler, but can’t make the ROI work or don’t have the space to install one.

LiveSafe System or Recycler Technology – which is the better fit for your store?

It’s undeniable that a cash recycler can profit a store. The real question we should ask though is whether it is the best option for you. Just as every brand has its own identity, so does each workforce and subsequently what might work for another similar business might not work for your own.

Typically the first variable most consider, is budget. While it could be argued that the cost is irrelevant as long as the returns offset the investment, competing projects and limited cash for investment are common issues in organisations of all sizes.

A LiveSafe on a per unit basis, costs around one fifth of the cost of a customer facing recycler. In addition, recyclers carry significantly higher maintenance costs and are more likely to fail due to the quantity of moving parts. This presents further challenges because when recyclers fail, it renders that lane useless, leading to customers queuing and potentially affecting sale. This is before we even consider integration costs.

The LiveSafe system is designed to operate alongside the POS and an ordinary cash drawer, with no POS integration required. You can use the Tellermate Touch cash counter as the controller, and then we would fit the LiveSafe system into your existing processes. The LiveSafe will seamlessly fit in with most furniture using our bracket system, taking minimal space while still offering a secure fitting.

What are the benefits of the LiveSafe system?

Well, the beauty of this solution is that it’s flexible to fit your processes, and more cost-effective than recyclers in most applications. You also don’t have to modify furniture or go through the hassle and cost of integration.

There’s a variety of reasons and problems that spark a company’s investigation into cash management technology, but as many of our clients have realised during consultations, there are tangible benefits experienced across a variety of business areas.

So how do our cash management solutions benefit our customers?

  • Using LiveSafe reduces their cash collections from 3 times a week to 1 time a week per store, which decreases CIT fees and reduces the use of single-use plastic banking bags
  • Easy access to cash audit data, acting as a deterrent to shrink, reducing errors and decreasing investigation time for loss prevention professionals
  • Increase physical security during shifts, minimising the risk of smash and grab theft and the scope for employee theft
  • On average 1 hour of time saved per store, per day, which can be reallocated to housekeeping duties or revenue generating activity
  • Eliminate acceptance of fraudulent notes due to the market-leading spectral note reader, approved by the Central European Bank, Bank of England and the Bank of Russia

Could you achieve your cash management goals with Touch-LiveSafe?

If your goals include improving the physical security of cash in your stores or to have a cash handling audit trail at your fingertips, then this solution is well worth the consideration over costly recycler technology or other smart safes.

To find out more about how LiveSafe could benefit your business, please contact us using the form below.

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