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Running a convenience store comes with its own unique set of challenges. From serving customers and replenishing stock, to managing your cash and ordering inventory; you’re often heavily reliant on your staff to help make your business successful.

But, with tighter margins and rising labour costs; focussing your employee’s time on profit producing tasks is a key challenge for C-Store managers who increasingly turn to innovative convenience store technology for help.

That’s where Tellermate come in. Because in these cash-heavy environments, your staff spend an inordinate amount of time handling, managing and processing your cash. And, when your employees are tied up managing your cash, they aren’t serving your customers.

Not only does this limit the time that your staff can spend driving sales, but it also exposes your cash to a greater risk. Because, the longer your cash is exposed, the more likely it is that mistakes will be made or that losses will occur.

Plus, when your stores close – often late at night, essential cash management tasks such as cashing up can become a bottleneck, soaking up management time and causing tension as staff wait to get their till drawers counted so they can leave.

It’s no wonder then that with late hours, lone workers, high staff turnover and intermittent management supervision; convenience stores can often find themselves the victim of cash loss.

That’s why stores just like yours trust Tellermate’s convenience store technology to help automate their cash management, reduce cash loss and cut the cost of managing their cash.

We’ve helped everyone from global conglomerates to independent store owners streamline their cash management, optimise cash handling procedures, reduce losses and get greater visibility of the cash across their stores.

Take a look at our case studies to discover how we’ve helped global brands:


C-store industry case study
C-store industry case study

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