Join Tellermate at RLPSA 2018

Join Tellermate at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association show (RLPSA) between 5th-8th August to explore our end-to-end cash management solutions

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Book a demo with us to see how the intuitive touchscreen cash counter feeds count data into the dedicated web application to give you a denominational breakdown of till reconciliations, safe counts and banking preparation – even remotely. Or, discover how our real-time cash counting solution can virtually eliminate cash loss at the POS and in the back office. With LiveDrawer you’ll get detailed dashboards that show problem restaurants or servers with higher-than-average levels of cash loss, allowing you to manage your restaurants cash from wherever you are.

Tellermate Touch & Touch Viewer

Now count your notes and coins even faster with the Tellermate Touch. The intuitive, icon-driven navigation and flexible interface makes Tellermate’s latest cash counter a pleasure to use. It features all the counting tasks Tellermate devices are known for such as cash counting, cash lifts, banking preparation and more..

Tellermate Touch Viewer

The Tellermate Touch Viewer provides you with instant visibility of your cash counts across multiple locations. By having access to powerful analytics across multiple devices, you’re able to make faster decisions and react to instances of cash loss or non-compliance across your stores in real-time.


Discover our Solutions

Discover more about about the Tellermate Touch Viewer and LiveDrawer® Manager platform by visiting our team on Booth #224 for an exclusive demo.

Our team will also be able to consult on your cash management problems and expand on the benefits that our solutions provide to your business.

LiveDrawer® Solution

With its ability to highlight discrepancies between the drawer and the POS, LiveDrawer® virtually eliminates loss and gives you a full audit trail of your cash. Plus, the clever counting technology eliminates the need for cash counting at the point of sale and at cashing-up time; improving efficiency and reducing the stress on your employees.

LiveDrawer® Manager

The LiveDrawer® Manager platform contains a reporting dashboard that can be used by restaurant management to monitor tills easily. It can also be used by head office to monitor the cash performance across multiple restaurants in a region. You’ll be able to view all data relating to cash discrepancies and change orders can be optimised meaning that ‘problem’ locations can be flagged by head office in real-time.

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Join Tellermate at the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association show (RLPSA) between 5th-8th August to discover our end-to-end cash management solutions

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