Thermal Printers

Our robust, compact, and lightweight printers are perfect for use on the shop floor. Time-stamped mini-reports of the total count by denomination help drive adherence to the process and maximize efficiency.

For our supplied printers we can also provide replacements such as rechargeable batteries, power supplies and printer paper rolls.

Touch & Printer Cradle

With this handy and lightweight cradle, you can carry your Touch cash counter plus your Bluetooth printer in one hand. You can move around your store easily and minimise the risk of dropping the counter and printer devices by accident.


Tellercups are containers pre-programmed into our cash counters for counting loose coins. Despite them having different formats and sizes they all weigh the same, making sure coin counts are accurate.


Tellercup Till Cups

Our unique range of Tellercups fit the coin compartments of many commonly used POS cash drawers and can be custom-made to fit your coin compartments. Tellercups allow you to count a cash drawer quickly without having to physically handle the coins.

We have hundreds of till sets available, simply let us know what till you have to supply you with a matching set.

Tellercup Z-160

The large Tellercup can be used to count larger quantities of coins or in place of a set of Tellercups, if a standard drawer is not used to hold the coins.

Replacement Parts

Tellermate can also provide replacements parts for T-iX and Touch cash counters in case you are not covered by a service plan:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Power supplies
  • Money platforms
  • Tellercups

Please contact us to find out more about Tellermate accessories.

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