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Choose the right care plan for your business

Tellermate customers know they can count their cash drawer in under 60 seconds. So they’ll never go back to counting by hand. And we’re so confident in the quality of our market-leading cash counters that we offer a 5 year warranty. For further peace of mind and to ensure uninterrupted use of your cash counter you may want to consider our service packages…

Classic or Platinum

If our support team can’t resolve a problem then our Swap Out service ensures you’re back up and running quickly. (Our dedicated phone based team can resolve the vast majority of problems in minutes). We’ll also help prepare you for when currency changes are going to impact your cash counting process.

Other practical issues need a different sort of cover. For example many customers protect their printers, cables and batteries too , which means you can skip the procurement process. So no waiting – Tellermate get you back up and running in no time.

We can also protect you against drops and spills. Tellermate counters are built to be robust but we understand some environments can be challenging. So if the counter or printer stops working, a call to Tellermate is all it takes to deliver a replacement unit.

Our team can even create tailored training materials for your staff – and give you reports that keep you up-to-date with branch activity.

So whatever it takes, Tellermate are committed to keep your cash counting on track.

Contact number: 800 835 6283

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