Touchscreen Interface
Interactive, quick and easy user interface
Easy Clean
Cleanse with one wipe using a mild detergent or citrus based cleaner
Data Transfer
Transfer count data to personal devices including a smartphone
Antimicrobial Protection
Protects against bacteria & fungi whilst reducing microbes by up to 99.9%

Touchscreen Cash Counter

The Tellermate touch is designed with hygiene and efficiency at heart. The Touch reduces the amount of contact your staff have with cash and coins, improving hygiene among your stores. Built with Biomaster antimicrobial surface protection as standard, cleaning the Touch device can be done with a mild detergent or citrus based cleaner.

The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easier to enter balances, reference numbers and media items, so you can reconcile your cash drawer in under one minute.

The Tellermate Touch is a fully connected device. Print using USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your chosen printer. Combined with our Touch Viewer software means you have instant visibility of your cash across multiple locations.

Tellermate Touch Demonstration

A familiar touchscreen user experience that allows you to count your money with efficiency and accuracy.


Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Now count your bills and coins even faster with the Tellermate Touch. The intuitive, icon-driven navigation and flexible interface makes the latest Tellermate a pleasure to use. Features all the counting tasks Tellermate devices are known for such as cash counting, cash lifts, banking preparation and more..

Optimized User Experience

Our customers have spoken – and we’ve listened. We’ve optimized the user journey for our new device meaning managing your cash is now faster than ever before. Screens and menus are more intuitive, making them easier to use. Plus, with a built-in training video and on-screen user guide, your cashiers can get up to speed in minutes, relieving the burden on your IT and training teams.

Tellermate Touch Viewer

The Tellermate Touch Viewer provides you with instant visibility of your cash counts across multiple locations. By having access to powerful analytics across multiple devices, you are able to make faster decisions and react to cash events across your stores in real-time.

The Touch Viewer contains store dashboards, count summaries and breakdown reviews that are accessed through an intuitive interface – meaning you have access to the data that matters most.

Tellermate partnership with DTS Connex®

With Tellermate and DTS Connex®, your business gets full visibility of your cash at every step of the way. Our solution streamlines your cash-to-bank process saving you both time and money.




Touch and LiveSafe Solution

Your Touch device can be used as the interface for your network of LiveSafes which enables you to count cash-drawers and LiveSafe contents seamlessly and efficiently, all while maximising security throughout your business. This means that less time is spent counting cash and less people handling the cash, keeping your stores efficient and clean.

This solution, which is unique to Tellermate, also grants access to our cloud-based Touch Viewer software which gives instant visibility of cash flowing through your stores.

To further increase the benefits of this cash management solution, the software can be integrated with a variety of other ERP software, including DTS, IBM and more.


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