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Increased deposit accuracy
An end-to-end solution at the fraction of the price
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Provisional credit from national banking partners
Real-time visibility of the cash across your business

Introducing a partnership with Tellermate cash counters and DTS Connex®

Tellermate works in partnership with DTS Connex® to create a closed-loop cash management solution for your business at a fraction of the price of cash recyclers or smart safes.

Cash management remains a crucial activity for retailers, restaurants, and banks across America. In fact, any business that takes cash payments knows how important it is to streamline their cash handling in order to drive efficiency and reduce unnecessary operational costs.

Tellermate and DTS Connex® will save your business time and money

With Tellermate and DTS Connex®, your business gets full visibility of your cash at every step of the way. Our solution streamlines your cash-to-bank process saving you both time and money.

A simple solution

Choose Tellermate and DTS Connex® to simplify your cash-to-bank process. We’ll help you minimize errors, reduce unnecessary costs, and get better visibility of your cash as it moves in, around and out of your stores. Plus, with our range of hardware and software packages, you’ll be able to select the solution that’s perfect for your business.

How it works

As pioneers in count-by-weight technology, Tellermate has partnered with cash management software provider DTS Connex® to develop a closed-loop solution to help your business get full visibility of your cash from the point of sale to the bank. Here’s how…

Step #1

Cash is accepted at the point of sale. During shift changeovers or when closing out a Tellermate cash counter is used to quickly and accurately reconcile the cash drawer.

Step #2

Count data is transmitted directly to the DTS Connex® platform. This eliminates manual input errors and wasteful paper-based audits.

Step #3

Locations create deposits and place change orders using standardized and controlled processes in DTS Connex®. The system is designed to work with any courier or bank..

Step #4

As deposits are transported by the courier and processed at the bank vault, status updates are passed to DTS Connex® creating a comprehensive end-to-end audit trail.

Step #5

Change orders are then shipped to store, and the process starts all over again. DTS Connex® reporting, notifications, and analytics increase corporate oversight and control, reduce errors, and accelerate the issue resolution process.

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