11 tips to get more out of your Tellermate cash counters

25 Nov 2020 Blog
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It’s hard to imagine that our T-iX cash counter will is celebrating its 10th birthday – time flies when you’re having fun! We thought it would be good to remind you about how to get the most out of your T-iX.

Tip #1: Service Support

All Tellermate cash counters come with a standard 5-year warranty, or you may want an extra cover for your machines with one of our 3 Tellercover options. But, regardless of whether you purchased additional service packages, the support that you can get from our great customer support team certainly stays the same. Our people know all there is to know about your cash counter and are on hand when you need them if you are confused about how something works or if you have any sort of question. They are even multi-lingual – they can support you in English, French, Spanish or German.

Tip #2: Updates

Over the last 10 years we have issued countless updates. It is important to make sure your machine is up to date and compatible with new notes and coins.

There are 2 ways of doing this: Manual calibration with instructions or with customer support over the phone. Alternatively, you can enquire with our team to update the software of the machine. But please be aware that each machine has their own type of software and it needs to be checked upfront by our customer service.

Tip #3: Tellercup or Tillcup?

To make your coin counting easier, Tellermate has almost 40 different sizes and styles of cups (Tellercups) to fit your tills. By lifting the cup with coins out of the till drawer and placing it on the money platform of your T-iX, you will be able to count all the coins in all the cups in just a few seconds. You can do this because the Tellercups are produced to standardised weights which isn’t a consideration of most cash drawer manufacturers. The greatest time savings are achieved by using the Tellercups in your cash drawers, as there are cups for each denomination of coin, allowing for a fast and easy count through your coins.

Extra: To ensure that you get the best count possible is to remember not to leave a Tellercup empty or full of coins, pens or any other items on the money platform when you are not using the money counter as it can lead to accuracy issues.

Tip #4: Counting your coins

We all know that counting coins and notes by hand is an absolute nightmare. Hands up if you have to count them at least 3 times over to get a matching figure? It really is a time-consuming exercise! A Tellermate cash counter will totally eliminate the need to recount and will save you lots of time so that you can focus on the things that really matter.

It is however important to follow the instructions. When used correctly a Tellermate cash counter has an error rate of 1 in 4,000,000 notes!

Tip #5: A lifeless Tellermate is a sad Tellermate

Can you believe that some customers revert to counting cash by hand because their cash counting buddy has been hurt? A lifeless Tellermate can be left collecting dust on a back-office shelf but it really doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t be afraid to give us a call if your Tellermate does not defy gravity. Trust us! Accidents happen. We have a number of tricks up our sleeve to get life back into your cash counter. We can often revive it over the phone. If that doesn’t work and is up to 8 years old, you can send it back to us and we can either repair it or send you a new one, depending on your cover. If you have gone that extra mile and are covered by Tellercover, you might even get a free replacement. Problem solved.

Learn more about our Tellercover programs.

Tip #6: Different users, different outcomes

We all do things differently. With a Tellermate, a more uniform cash counting process gives more uniform results. In fact, a main benefit of our cash counters is that they can drive adherence to process by giving every employee the same process for handling cash. To ensure consistency regardless of who carries out count tasks, you need a suitable area for us. To get the most accurate counts out of your cash counter, make sure that the surface that you put it on is flat and stable. In addition, you must keep your machine away from ventilation devices too as the airflow can affect the count weight.

Tip #7: What goes on top?

Note quality and environmental factors such as humidity can affect the weight of notes. If many notes are added with an unexpected weight you will be prompted by the device to remove some of the stack. To avoid this you can place notes on the money platform in increments as this allows our ‘stacking’ algorithms to adapt progressively and ensures maximum accuracy and speed during a count.

Tip #8: What goes on must come off

To make sure that your cash is being counted accurately, you need to make sure that you or whoever counts the takings is going about it the right way. Our counters are precise; so much so that if you put a stack of notes on the money platform, got your count total and then removed one single note, the counter would know and adjust the count total to subtract the missing amount. Once the cash on the platform has been counted, it’s important for accuracy that everything is removed at the same time before moving on to the next denomination. If you don’t, then your counter will deduct the amounts you take off, giving you an inaccurate figure.

Tip #8: What goes on must come off

Our counters are precise and clever, so much so that if you put a stack of notes on the money platform and it issues a count, if you then remove a single note the device will adjust the count to factor in the removal of that note. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that all of the denomination has been removed at once after a count is calculated, to ensure that the device doesn’t make and unwanted adjustment to the total.

Tip #9: Speak to our Customer Support Team

Fear not, just give us a call! In the rare occasion that you experience and issue with your device, we can usually solve problems over the phone, and very quickly too.

Extra: No time to call? No problem – You can submit and enquiry through our website, email or use our live chat service.

Tip #10: Connectivity

Our higher-tier cash counters have options for connectivity and are able to send counts, to a variety of source. Some models are able to send direct to printers, PCs and our latest TOUCH cash counters can even send to our bespoke application – Touch Viewer. Touch viewer has a an even greater variety of connectivity features and can even feed directly into your HQ back office software via an API.

Learn more about our TOUCH cash counters.

Tip #11: Upgrading your existing machine

Tellermate cash counters are known for their durability, and why fix something that isn’t broken? Unfortunately though, sometimes it is time to move on. We have cash counters that are working even after some 30+ years however those older models are incompatible with newly issued currency (e.g. polymer notes) and can’t be updated in the same way our modern device can.

Change can be a challenge and while our T-iX and TOUCH cash counters may look a little different, they are so simple to use. You pretty much switch it on and are guided through a count with easy navigation screen prompts. It often takes mere minutes to adjust to the new interface.

Extra: The Tellermate TOUCH even has training videos built into the device!

We hope we’ve covered all of the bases on how to get the most out of your trusted cash counting partner. But if you do have any more questions, get in touch with our Customer Service Team, who will be happy to help you.

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