How secure is your cash?

Our 40+ years of experience has given us a deep understanding into the importance of security when handling cash. We take time to understand each client’s business and their employees, so that we can implement best practice.

With the Rugby World Cup going on, our colleagues in our Japan office asked for our thoughts on how they can help clients protect cash through the peak tourism period.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Here are 3 of the most common issues we encounter:

  • Do not count your drawer at the POS when customers are present. This can lead to higher chances of external theft.
  • Do not carry loose cash from the POS to the safe. Anything can happen on the shop floor, on the way to the back office as well as in the back office. Security cameras might help, but they can have blind spots or technical issues. In larger stores it can also be a huge waste of time.
  • Same goes for Banking. Do not hand carry loose cash through the store to the bank. Anything can happen and often cash not secured properly will not be insured.

Now, here are the 3 simplest ways to improve the security on your cash handling:

  • Use a cash counter to ensure cash is counted quickly and accurately. The less time spent with cash unsecured, the less risk there will be
  • Use a secure cash drop box or POS safe to move cash internally. This will reduce your risk of theft and fraud – Our new LSi would be an efficient and safe solution.
  • If you need to carry cash to the bank, keep it out sight and in tamperproof bags or cassettes. These make it more difficult for ‘shrink’ to occur.

Naturally, we have solutions to all of these problems.

Our T-ix and Touch cash counters equip your stores with the ability to count your cash in 60 seconds – Error free. We also have LiveSafe, an intelligent POS safe which uses spectral imaging to capture over 4.8million data points in order to detect counterfeit notes. This removes the need for skimming and allows you to secure large notes immediately, into a tamperproof cassette, which increases the efficiency and security at your checkouts.

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