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Case studies from the retail sector

The retail industry doesn’t stand still. It’s a highly competitive sector, where pressure is high and operational costs are even higher.

And in an environment that is still cash-heavy, handling and processing cash, preventing losses and reducing the complex costs associated with cash management is a growing challenge for retailers.

Inefficient cash management processes mean that your employees are wasting time every single shift counting cash drawers, setting start of day banks, and creating multiple deposits. But what if there was a way to rectify this?

Tellermate count many of the Fortune 500 retailers as longstanding customers. Our retail solutions help companies such as Walmart, Dollar Tree and Forever 21 manage their cash accurately and more efficiently – reducing operational costs and gaining that all-important competitive advantage.

Plus, with our commitment to excellence and world-class customer service at the heart of everything we do – we work hard to ensure that our bespoke retail solutions help our customers spend less time managing cash, and more time serving customers.

Valu Home Center

Valu Home Centers is a regional home improvement and housewares chain with 36 locations. They needed a solution that could aid with better coin circulation in store and save valuable time counting.

“”By reducing the hours spent counting cash each day to under 30 minutes, we can now focus on making sure our cashiers are well trained and supported.” “

Audit and Store Support Manager, Valu Home Center


MediaMarktSaturn was looking for ways to minimize shrink, get better visibility of their cash and reduce labor costs without reducing headcount.

“By reducing the time spent each day counting cash, LiveDrawer enabled us to eliminate redundant manual processes, which led to significant company-wide savings and more face time with customers. “


Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is a Canadian retail pharmacy chain based in Toronto, Ontario and is operating more than 1,300 stores.

“Knowing the value of Tellermate's cash counting technology, Shoppers Drug Mart turned to us to upgrade and future-proof their estate with touchscreen cash counters. “



Goodwill of Southeast Wisconsin had a need to increase their efficiency with cash counting processes.

“With Tellermate, we estimate we are saving 2-4 hours. “

Director of Asset Protection

Rack Room Shoes

Rack Room Shoes operates more than 420 stores in 35 states and employs more than 4,900 associates across the United States.

“An accurate device that does a great job for us.

Director of Loss Prevention


Founded 1912, L.L. Bean operates over 50 clothing and outdoor equipment stores across the USA offering thousands of high-quality products.

““Tellermate provided a great pilot to allow us to test two different versions of their products, assisted in the ROI process, and have run training sessions for our teams to ensure a smooth rollout and transition.” “

Lauren, Facilities Operations Specialist, L.L. Bean


With over 70 locations throughout the UK, the cash management process at Schuh was a time-consuming, laborious affair.

“We have been with Tellermate for about 18 months now. It has made banking a lot smoother in-store and eradicates all discrepancies. “

Josh Puck, Assistant Store Manager

Wireless Retailer

A top US wireless communications retailer had some concerns over the amount of time their employees were spending counting cash.

“The ability to have Tellermate software customized to match our existing manual processes was huge in gaining the acceptance of our associates. “

Store Readiness Programme Manager

Fortune 500 Retailer

A Fortune 500 Retailer sought to improve the efficiency and security of cash acceptance and deposits in all of its domestic stores. 

“The increase in cash usage we’ve seen in the years since the Great Recession warranted a more economical way of managing cash. “

Director of Sales Tender & Audit

The Forty-Niner Shops

The Forty-Niner Shops on the California State University campus in Long Beach, CA, needed an efficient, economical way for cashiers to count cash and reconcile their cash drawers.

“We needed a simple way for cashiers to count their cash. Compared to other options, the Tellermate provides amazing value. “

Accounting Manager

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