Banking technology

Case studies from the banking sector

It’s tough being in the banking industry. It’s a high pressure environment where accuracy is key, and where security is always top of mind.

It’s also an industry where, despite advances in banking technology, cash is still king. And, where managing cash quickly and efficiently is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

Plus, with customers relying on you to ensure that their deposits, change orders and withdrawals are always 100% correct, counting and handling cash accurately is a difficult, yet fundamental task for your cashiers.

That’s why banks around the world rely on banking technology, and in particular Tellermate’s cash counting technology, to ensure that their cash is counted quickly and accurately.

We help global banks such as Barclays and HSBC accelerate their cash counting, reduce cash loss and cut operational costs with our intelligent cash management solutions.

But we’re not your average payment technology supplier. Our world-class customer service, quality products and commitment to excellence really sets us apart from the rest of the market – and our customers agree.


One global banking customer was looking for a way to improve efficiencies at the branch level, specifically in the areas of large commercial deposits and handling cash.

“The devices are excellent for helping with drawer management as well as going from vault to Teller, because they’re so portable. “

Head of Branch Performance Management

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