Tellermate Reduces Time Counting Cash at McDonald’s Operator Golden State Restaurant Group

11 Oct 2022 News


Tellermate has provided cash counting technology to Golden State Restaurant Group, a locally owned and operated family-run McDonald’s operator with 45 restaurants, to significantly reduce time counting cash.

With tills overflowing with coins and the restaurants undertaking all cash counting manually, which could take up to 30 minutes at a time, the Group identified a need to consider how to automate this process in each of its restaurants.

The Group’s aims in resolving this challenge were to provide a supportive cash processing structure for staff to operate in, taking away opportunities for error and reducing pressure, and importantly achieve considerable time savings. It wanted to create a better employee experience to also reduce labor turnover and give more time to satisfying its guests.

Tellermate collaborated closely with the Group’s team to understand their business to propose a cash management solution that would add real value. The proposed solution, the Touch cash counter, assists with daily cashing up and cash management tasks, ensuring that till reconciliations are correct the first time while providing an instant view of daily cash takings across a network of restaurants.

Touch cash counters and Bluetooth printers were distributed from the Group’s head office out to all the restaurants. Tellermate then conducted a Train the Trainer program to facilitate in-house roll-out and training to ensure all were using as per agreed restaurant cash management processes and maximized the streamlining of the cash counting tasks quickly.

“Our restaurant staff are incredibly happy with the introduction of Touch into our cash management processes. Our staff know that the cash counting process is now rapid, accurate and straightforward – one less thing to worry about at the start and end of each shift. The Touch saves time and reduces anxiety related to cash counting responsibilities. A great solution for creating in-restaurant efficiencies.” 

Cari Schrader, Owner/Operator at Golden State Restaurant Group

Touch is now an integral part of cash counting at the start and end of each shift throughout all the restaurants and its implementation has resulted in considerable time savings, reduced stress at the start and end of shifts, and enhanced focus on both the customer and employee experience. Now the restaurants’ overflowing tills can be quickly and accurately counted in 60 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

The Golden State Restaurant Group case study is available for you to read in full.

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