We know that every business is different, so we do not believe one size fits all. Our goal is to understand your business and your cash management challenges and processes and give you a solution that will add real value to your business.  

By doing this we ensure that the solution will help you process your cash faster, more reliably and more accurately – reducing errors and combatting cash loss. We help make your cash transactions more efficient, more secure, and more profitable.  

So, when you choose a cash management solution from Tellermate, our people are there to help you every step of the way. From understanding your specific needs, to providing world-class customer service; we work closely with the key stakeholders in your business, like Operations, Loss Prevention, Treasury, and IT to ensure that our solutions benefit every member of your team.  

Our four-step process:

1. Review

We review your existing cash management processes to find the right solution for your stores.

2. Pilot

We let you test our solutions in your stores and write a business case showing the ROI for your business.

3. Implement

We implement our tailored solution across your stores with minimal disruption and full support from our team.

4. Support

Flexible training and world class customer service supports your business before, during and after purchase.

What happens during the pilot step?

  • We will complete a needs analysis by collecting data to evaluate your current procedural requirements.
  • We will complete an initial set of time studies at the beginning of the project to evaluate how your money is currently being handled; by whom, how often and how long it takes.
  • We will install and train all pertinent personnel so that they will be able to train others on how to use all equipment.
  • We will provide help desk support throughout the pilot project to all participating locations and encourage you to call them for any needs or concerns.
  • We will conduct a follow-up visit and additional time studies to record the time savings of using the Tellermate equipment.
  • We will complete and deliver a Summary ROI based on count times and observations made during the pilot.
  • We will invite all stakeholders to join a weekly status call to discuss what has been accomplished, what is due to be completed and what challenges are anticipated.
  • We will establish and maintain throughout the pilot a password-protected pilot tracker report and web page with weekly updates and store metrics.

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