Our Pilot Process

At Tellermate we believe in taking a consultative approach. We work with the key stakeholders in your business to fully understand your cash management processes, challenges and needs, before offering a solution tailored to your business.

To achieve this, we run an in-depth pilot of our solutions across your stores.

During the pilot process we:

  • Analyse: We thoroughly review your existing cash management processes to find the right solution for your stores.
  • Agree: We agree on the terms of reference for a pilot study: the number of sites, pilot duration and success criteria.
  • Test: We pilot our customised equipment in your stores tailored to fit your needs and goals.
  • Review: We will present you with a business case, detailed results and an estimated ROI based on our pilot studies.

This means that you’ll actually see exactly how our solutions can help streamline your cash management, improve accuracy and reduce cash loss across your stores, even before making a purchase.

Plus we’ll provide you with all the evidence from the pilot studies, along with feedback from your store staff so that you and your team can make a more informed decision.

So why not get in touch? We’ll work with you to deliver the perfect cash management solution for your business.

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