5 Things You Didn’t Know Tellermate Cash Counters Could Do

Dave Lunn TellermateThere are plenty of ways to count your cash; coin counters, bill counters, smart safes, weight based cash counters, and the ‘old-time’ way of counting by hand… But what separates something that counts cash from a cash management solution is providing a well-rounded process that not only counts your coins and bills, but does it so that you reap other benefits as well.

Tellermate cash counters are a weight based solution that count both your coins and bills on a single platform, saving you time, increasing your accuracy and giving you valuable information on your processes. We have a range of products that each have solutions to specifically meet the needs of our customers.

A cash counter that can count bills and coins on a single platform in under a minute is pretty special. But did you know Tellermate’s range of cash counters can do even more than count your coins and bills?

Read more for the Top 5 things you may not have known your Tellermate T-iX cash counter could do!

1 – Integration

Did you know that your Tellermate can be integrated your existing business systems?  The T-iX range of products has multiple ways to connect and send counts to a business systems including USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.  By integrating your T-iX cash counter you can eliminate keying errors, reduce fraud, and provide full reconciliation of your cash with other payment types.

2 – Rolled Coin/Strapped Bills

Tellermate cash counters are incredibly accurate and intelligentThe T-iX Full Roll feature allows you to weigh rolled coin of multiple denominations at the same time and will alert you if the a roll is not complete, meaning you will get an alert if there are too many or too few coin in the roll. The T-iX can also validate your strapped bills for every denomination in both 50 and 100 quantity straps.  If a strap is over or short the T-iX will alert you via a warning message so that you can check to make sure the strap has the correct amount of bills.  This makes counting down safes quick and easy!

3 – Spot Audits/Change Disputes

With the optional T-iX battery your unit can be made portable.  This means you can take your T-iX directly to the register and perform counts such as spot audits or settle customer change disputes in less than 60 seconds.  This eliminates the need to shut down a lane for long periods of time to perform a count! Saving your staff time and keeping your customers happy.

4 – Non-Cash

Did you know you can incorporate non-cash items that you have to track anyway into your count totals on the T-iX? The T-iXnon-cash feature allows you to name a field and enter dollar amounts with either positive or negative values.  Using the positive entry feature, you can account for non-cash items in your till such as checks, vouchers, stamps, tips, or other items that should be counted with your cash.  The negative entry feature allows you to account for money that has been removed from the till for things such as refunds, check cashing, or returns.  These features allow all of your needed data to be summarized together in the final report, or if you have a Tellermate printer, to be included on the signed receipt of your counts.

5 – Less Common Denominations

What do you do with those pesky 50c, $1 coin, and $2 denominations, that’s right, your Tellermate T-iX can count those too. With a few simple key presses you can weigh those denominations that make a rare appearance in your till on occasion, allowing a no coin or bill to be left uncounted.

Want to learn more about weight based cash counting and Tellermate’s range of T-iXcounters? Download our eBook on Counting Cash by Weight.

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