Problems in your cash office?

Emma Smith TellermateWhen a problem occurs in the cash office, the very people who should be aware of the issue are often the last to know. Whether it’s a till or safe discrepancy, missing banking bag, or a change delivery that didn’t arrive on schedule, loss prevention and operational teams often find out long after the event as passed. This can lead to lengthy investigations or unnecessary costs.

So, if something is going wrong in your cash office, where does the solution lie? Is it in new technology, stricter process, or better training for employees?

The right tools for the job

Problems-in-your-cash-office.pngThe answer is, that it’s a combination of all three. Stricter cash handling processes, effective training and the removal of “cover-up” cultures will all go some way to control cash loss. But how can you be sure that cash tasks are being carried out properly, and find out about administrative errors such as safes not being counted daily, or problems with banking preparation, and how can you stay in control of your cash in transit partnerships?

Businesses like yours are increasingly turning to cash management technology to help them automate and simplify processes to help staff with these essential cash management tasks.

Because let’s face it, you can’t always be on hand to check that all counting or banking tasks are being completed on schedule, or to help guide each employee through their individual cash management tasks. But, you do need to ensure that employees are preparing cash for banking, setting floats, counting tills and ordering change properly and regularly.

It’s a tricky problem. But there is a solution…

Introducing T-knx Cash Office

Our innovative T-knx Cash Office software was developed by some of the leading experts not just in software, but in cash management.

It’s a fully integrated cash management platform that not only gives you full visibility of the store’s cash office, but guides your employees through their daily cash management chores – from the moment they arrive in store, right through to the end of the day – highlighting the jobs they need to do, and when they need to do them.

And it’s not just your employees that will benefit from T-knx Cash Office. You can set up real time email alerts so that you find out about any in-store issues, as they happen.

Cash loss might be the least of your worries. But what about operational efficiency? How long are your staff spending on cash management per day? Are they failing to complete all daily cash management tasks? Are stores holding and ordering the right amount of change?

With T-knx cash office, all this valuable insight is available at the touch of a button. It will help you identify when stores are failing to complete essential cash management chores; where processes are falling down, and which tasks are keeping your employees tied up for longer. This will not only help reduce any losses, but help you improve the efficiency and productivity in your stores. Pretty smart don’t you think?

Are you keeping track of the cash in your stores? Learn how T-knx Cash Office can help you gain better visibility and control…

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