Are Smart Safes right for my business?

27 Sep 2022 Blog
Smart safes (10),

Traditionally safes had one job – to keep your cash secure. Today the emergence of smart technology means that these clever devices can do so much more. Your business might consider a smart safe for a number of reasons – asset protection, provisional credit, armoured car pick-up optimisation and counting cash time reductions.  How can smart safes achieve these benefits for you?

Picking a smart safe provider that suits your needs can be tricky. What questions should you ask to get the most out of your smart safe investment?

When choosing a smart safe solution, it’s important that you consider not just the upfront cost, but ongoing costs. Maintenance charges alone can leave a big dent in your ROI. What should you consider before settling on a provider?

Smart safes are great for keeping your cash secure, but as a standalone solution, they often can’t fulfil the complex cash management challenges faced by retailers. By pairing these devices with complementary technologies, you can create an extremely robust and cost-effective solution, especially compared to larger back-office solutions. What is Tellermate’s smart safe solution?

Let us help your business answer all these questions and find the best smart safe solution. Read our latest guide Smart Safes – Are they right for my business?

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