2022 End-of-Year Update from Tellermate

13 Dec 2022 News

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve achieved in 2022, look towards our future goals for 2023, and say thank you.

The retail landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and faces ever-mounting challenges – high inflation, staff and skills shortages, changing buyer behaviours and more. This year has focused retailers, more than ever, to consider how to save time, reduce labour costs, improve accuracy and streamline processes associated with handling cash. So now post-pandemic, we are seeing a newfound optimism in the market to embrace new technology, surmount challenges and add real value through cash management solutions. And we are ideally positioned to help!

Touch cash counter leads the way

Our most advanced cash counter Touch has dramatically risen in popularity this year as retailers have appreciated how its design makes it a more versatile, technologically advanced device that performs a vast range of functions, in addition to just counting cash. Plus, now Touch offers a multi-till feature so you can count, store and consolidate up to 150 tills and upload all count data to the Touch Viewer cloud-based software application all in one go. We have helped many customers globally in 2022 implement Touch cash management solutions across retail and hospitality industries. We love hearing from them about how it reduces or eliminates the need to manually handle cash.

“The Touch saves time and reduces anxiety related to cash counting responsibilities. A great solution for creating in-restaurant efficiencies.” Golden State Restaurant Group (McDonald’s)

"By reducing the hours spent counting cash each day to under 30 minutes, we can now focus on making sure our cashiers are well trained and supported.” Valu Home Centers

Many retailers globally have re-started projects delayed due to the pandemic, and many others have commenced their journey with us to improve cash management with the aim to make each cash transaction more efficient, more secure and more profitable.

Touch LiveSafe system lifts-off

Our new Touch LiveSafe system connects our most advanced cash counter Touch with our compact smart safe, LiveSafe for instant visibility of all cash. It allows retailers to count cash drawers and safe contents seamlessly and efficiently, all while maximising security.

We are very excited to see major retailers benefiting first-hand from this solution with proven labour savings via process improvements and shrink reductions via reporting cash movements, plus…

  • Cash loss reductions
  • Staff safety improvements
  • CIT pick-up and process reductions
  • Fewer cash office entries/exits
  • Cash process optimisation
  • Consumable (safe bags) cost savings
  • Robust counterfeit validation

With exciting innovations planned in 2023, the Touch LiveSafe system will further inspire our customers with real-time information and reporting of the cash process, enabling even more efficiency improvements and loss prevention.

What’s next for Tellermate

As we look ahead to 2023, we will continue to drive innovation in cash management solutions, offer the highest quality in both product and service delivery, and invest in our employees to face new challenges and opportunities.

We want to hear first-hand how we can drive more value from your cash processes to help shape solutions to meet real customer challenges. Our first stop in the new year will be at NRF 2023: Retails Big Show in New York City, so drop by to meet the Tellermate team. We look forward to discussing the future with you.


Finally, thank you to our customers, suppliers, and employees.

To our customers, thank you for selecting Tellermate to be your partner of choice for your cash management solutions. We look forward to continuing to understand your cash management challenges and processes with the goal to enhance our solutions further to deliver added value to your business in 2023.

To our suppliers, thank you for supporting us through these turbulent times of inflation and supply chain shortages, and allowing us to maintain all our customer commitments.

And, to our employees, thank you for your unfaltering hard work, inspirational attitude and amazing service to our customers globally.

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