Tellermate Launches Touchscreen Cash Counter at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2018

15 Jan 2018 News
The new Tellermate Touch cash counter is the most connected cash counter on the market.

ATLANTA – Jan. 15, 2018: Tellermate, a global cash management solutions provider, today announced the launch of its new touchscreen cash counter during the National Retail Foundation (NRF) Retail’s Big Show 2018.

Attendees of the conference in New York City, which takes place through Jan. 16, will be the first to witness live demos of the much-anticipated touchscreen version of Tellermate’s popular T-ix cash counters – the Tellermate Touch. These demos will take place throughout the convention in booth #303.

The Tellermate Touch is the first cash counter on the market to have a dedicated app ‒ one that allows remote and on-site users to see full count data from their smart device or PC.

“Our customers want the latest in retail technology, and we are delivering it through the new Tellermate Touch,” said Dave Lunn, global director of Tellermate. “We continually strive to improve upon our existing portfolio of cash management solutions and are thrilled to unveil the most-effective, connected, and user-friendly product on the market today.”

Tellermate’s count-by-weight cash counters and intelligent cash drawers automate manual cash management tasks, making the process more accurate, reliable, and efficient. Its cash management solutions help thousands of global businesses, such as Adidas, Barclays, T-Mobile and Burger King, manage their cash more effectively.

The Tellermate Touch: more than just a touchscreen

Tellermate TouchThe new Tellermate Touch is the most-connected cash counter on the market. Not only does it boast improved functionality, an enhanced user journey and an impressive 7.6-inch touchscreen; but the Touch has the ability to print wirelessly or via a Bluetooth printer, for a hard copy of count data.

Users can even connect to back-office systems using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or Ethernet connectivity. Count data can then easily be exported into a file that’s compatible with a company’s back-office PCs or mobile devices. This generates a detailed audit trail of the store’s cash.

“Customers crave the means to easily connect their cash counters to back-office systems in a number of different ways,” Lunn said. “Some stores only use USB while others want to connect via Wi-Fi. A range of connectivity options in one device enables them to gain a full picture of their cash count data in a way that suits their business needs.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Area managers, franchisees or even remote employees can use the Touch app to collate count-related data for all of their stores, allowing them to not only get a full picture of cash counts – even while on the go – but to also drive adherence to process by determining which stores have complied with cash management procedures.

Eliminate the training burden from store teams

Despite being the most-connected cash counter on the market, the Tellermate Touch is still easy to install, connect and use. Icon-driven navigation provides an optimized and intuitive user experience. Plus, built-in training videos and an on-screen user guide provides everything cashiers and store managers need to get up to speed in minutes – relieving the burden from training or IT teams.

In addition, the Touch’s antimicrobial additive inhibits bacteria from reproducing, so the spread of germs through multiple cashiers is limited. This is especially important in restaurant or food retail settings. This antimicrobial agent is manufactured into the casing of the Money Counting Machine – not sprayed on – allowing the protection to last throughout the product’s lifetime.

See it in action

Those attending the NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York can see the Touch live in action at booth #303 throughout the show. Demos can be scheduled here:

Alternatively, those who aren’t attending the show may still request a demo, at


About Tellermate

Tellermate is a provider of cash management solutions to the retail, grocery, food service and financial industries, deployed across numerous Fortune 500 companies. The company is the inventor of count-by-weight technology and the intelligent cash drawer. Its technology processes over $1 billion daily across the globe. UK headquarters are home to the engineering, research & development, product, and executive teams. National offices are located in Atlanta, Paris, Heidelberg, Barcelona and Tokyo. Tellermate’s mission is to improve the profitability of our customers by providing next generation end-to-end cash management solutions, from innovative software to connected cash-counting products.


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