Tellermate’s New Intelligent Dropbox ‘LiveSafe’ Exceeds Expectations

24 Mar 2020 News
Christin Fischer

In the past couple of months Tellermate has launched a new product – the LiveSafe.

It is a smart safe or intelligent dropbox, however you would like to refer to it, and we are very happy that customers all over the world have shown their interest in implementing this new technology. It is complementing our other solutions to create a closed-loop cash process and add better security to businesses and their daily cash handling processes.

How did the LiveSafe impress at NRF in New York?

To introduce LiveSafe to the US market we had a launch party at NRF in New York. It was good to see our existing customer showing such immense interest in the product – although, maybe it was also the prosecco.
The fact that you can connect it to either our Touch Money Counting Machine or our intelligent LiveDrawer has impressed and we had very interesting conversations with our audience about how it could benefit their own cash management.
We are now already at testing stages with one of our big global QSR customers and ready to implement it with other interested businesses across the US.

The LiveSafe launch at EuroShop in Germany and across Europe

LiveSafe is already about to be deployed to one of our customers in Germany, who is complementing their LiveDrawer solution with our new smart safe. Needless to say, how excited we are about this.
Our demo station for the LiveDrawer & LiveSafe solution at EuroShop was a very busy spot at times. The benefits of the solution and the nearly closed cash cycle it provides, has convinced a wide spectrum of businesses to wanting to implement this solution.

Many of our customers that visited us at EuroShop are using our TiX or Touch Money Counting Machines. They love that the new safe can eliminate the till skimming throughout the day and the extra security it provides. It can even save cashiers and managers doing banking tasks. The interface with our Touch devices has also proven to be a big hit.

At EuroShop we had in-depth and interesting conversations with our customers about what solution would suit their cash management process and operation best.
Our teams around the globe have a very consultant approach and always have an interest in helping clients to find the best solution with their current setup.
If you are interested in having a conversation about your cash management, feel free to contact us.

What makes a Smart Safe so Smart?

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