Tellermate to speak at the Cash Sustainability Forum in Frankfurt a.M., Germany

12 Jun 2024 News

We are delighted to announce that we will be joining the Cash Sustainability Forum with a topic close to our heart – that is improving sustainability in the cash cycle while helping retailers reduce costs.

Amongst the many topics on the sustainability of cash, we wanted to highlight the role held by retailers and their quest for a greener tomorrow, so they can keep on giving their customers inclusive payment options while remaining aware of their environmental impact.

As a cash management solution provider, we believe in providing products, such as LiveSafe, that can support retailers in achieving those sustainability goals.

What is the forum about?

The Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum is the only event that brings together all the stakeholder in the cash cycle, and beyond, to work towards sustainability in the production, circulation and destruction of one of the world’s most enduring and widely used products.

It is about adding value so that everybody learns, thinks, networks and comes away better able to develop policy, assess performance and options, work with others and implement new ideas.

Highlights, Speaker & Workshop Information

Below, some highlights we’d like to share that will be discussed during the 3 days of the Forum. This will also be a great occasion to introduce Marie-Carmen, our European Sales Director, who will be our speaker at the event.

Monday – Cash Cycle Recycling and Recirculation Workshop

[…] If cash can be recycled and reused at, or close to, the point of sale, then that cash can be transported less and its velocity in circulation can increase, delivering significant environmental and cost benefits to all.

[…] The session will also touch on environmental factors beyond the movement of cash, to consider single-use plastics, security seals, containers, other packaging materials, recycling data gathering, and more. 

Wednesday 26th of June – Session 6: Cash Management

You can find the full program here:

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