Check whether your cash management technology can process the new £1 coin


Contact your equipment manufacturer to discuss any updates or replacements


Train your employees to recognise the security features of the new £1 coin


Discuss a process for exchanging the old coins for new with your bank/or CIT provider

The new pound coin: Preparing your business

On March 28th a new pound coin will enter circulation in the UK.

With changes to the shape, size and weight of the coin, many businesses across the UK will be forced to update or replace their cash management technology plus make changes to their cash handling procedures, in order to process the new coins.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new pound coin, and how your business can prepare… New Pound Coin

Preparing your business

The new £1 coin benefits from a refreshed design and a number of innovative security features to help prevent it from counterfeiters. But how can your cashiers use these indicators to tell the difference between a genuine coin and a fake?

Download our guide to preparing your business for the new £1 coin to learn more about:

  • What the new £1 coins look like
  • How to spot a counterfeit
  • What to do with the old £1 coins
  • Key dates for your diary

Access the guide using the form below

Upgrading your cash management technology

Are your devices ready to process the new £1 coin?

Not only are our T-ix cash counters and Intelligent Cash Drawers equipped to process both the new pound coins and the new five pound notes. But, we’re also prepared for the new £10 note which enters circulation in late 2017. Plus, when the new polymer £20 note is released, we’ll be ready for that too.

Learn more about Tellermate’s intelligent cash management solutions here…

Updating your Tellermate cash counter

If you own a Tellermate T-ix or TY cash counter you may need to make a simple update to ensure that your device is able to count the new pound coins.

In most instances, you’ll only need to perform a simple manual calibration to switch on the new weights. Our Customer Service Team are on hand to talk you through this. You can reach them on 01633 276 868 or email

For more information, read our new £1 Coin FAQ to
discover how to prepare your Tellermate cash counter for the new pound coin.

The new pound coin: Everything you need to know

From the new design, to the innovative security features that will help prevent against counterfeiting; here’s everything you need to know about the new £1 coin…

Download The Free Guide

Download the guide

For more information, download our step-by-step guide to preparing your business for the new pound coin using the form below…

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