FamilyMart implements Tellermate cash counters across 8,000 stores to drive efficiency

12 Dec 2018 News

Japan’s second largest convenience store chain announces the roll out of the Tellermate T-ix cash counters to help cut the time spent on cash management by more than 40%; saving 30 minutes per store, per day.

Newport, UK, – December 12th,  2018FamilyMart Co., Ltd. a Japanese convenience store chain with more than 24,000 stores worldwide have announced the roll out of Tellermate’s T-ix cash counters across 8,000 Japanese locations.

The implementation of Tellermate’s T-ix cash counters will help FamilyMart to automate many aspects of its cash management process. From reconciling cash drawers, to preparing banking deposits; FamilyMart employees will now be able to quickly and accurately count and process the cash across their stores.

For FamilyMart, the acceleration of these time-consuming manual tasks is expected to generate significant operational time savings — equating to more than 30 minutes per store, per day. This means both a reduction in labour costs and more importantly, an increase in the time that employees can spend on the shop floor, enhancing the customer experience. FamilyMart Japan Implement Tellermate T-ix Cash Counters

The announcement which first appeared in The Nikkei, Japan’s largest financial newspaper, details how the implementation of cash counters forms part of FamilyMart’s drive to increase the efficiency of their stores and cut the time spent on unnecessary manual processes.

Tellermate’s Commercial Director, Dave Lunn commented: “This roll out of Tellermate’s T-ix Cash Counters to FamilyMart shows that cash management is still an important consideration for global convenience stores, retailers and grocers who are looking to optimize their operations. Because ultimately, inefficient cash management costs money and can impact a business’s bottom line.”

“By utilizing Tellermate T-ix cash counters, FamilyMart are able to automate time-consuming manual processes, and reduce the time spent on instore cash management by more than 40%. This helps drive instore efficiency, reduce operational costs, and contributes towards an improved customer experience.”

Lunn goes on to say that “We’re pleased to be supporting both FamilyMart and many other global businesses in their quest to drive efficiency and reduce operational costs across their stores.”

Tellermate, a global cash management solution provider, states that its electronic money counters help businesses such as FamilyMart to reconcile an entire cash drawer in under 60 seconds, a vast improvement on the 15-minutes it typically takes to reconcile a cash drawer by hand.

The roll out to 8,000 FamilyMart stores further endorses Tellermate as the premier cash management solutions provider in Japan, supplying both the largest, and second largest convenience store chains across the country.

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