Why cash processes are important

Now more than ever, businesses are challenged at doing more with less. Less staff, less space and lower margins.

Many stores need to be able to function with minimal staff levels in order to remain profitable. This means that your teams are busier than ever, and that makes it more difficult to focus on your customers. Another challenge is that when employees are rushing through every task, mistakes are far more likely.

That’s why investment in retail automation is so important to the shop and restaurants of the future.

There are so many solutions available to solve almost any problem you can think of. At Tellermate we specialise in the cash process. Automation in this area enhances accuracy, increases security and improves efficiency of the tasks. This enables you to:

  • Know your cash position at any point and accurately manage cash flow
  • Manage credit more effectively and reduce overdraft costs
  • Optimise CIT contracts and reduce associated costs
  • Free up staff to deliver a better customer experience

Even with the rise of ecommerce and reduced cash moving through stores, cash and the in-store experience are still vitally important for retailers and not optimising this area means that cash can be a nuisance.

All of our solutions can demonstrate tangible ROI and can be trialled in problem stores in advance of committing to a large deployment.


If you would like to discuss a pilot programme please contact us below:

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