Tellermate End Support for TY Cash Counters


Tellermate’s TY cash counters are turning 17 years old. Unfortunately, this means that they are coming to the end of their product life. From 1st April 2018 TY and TY+ models will no longer be supported by Tellermate. Please note, this does not affect our T-ix models.

  • How do I know if I have a TY model?

There are two ways to check. Firstly, take a look at the serial number on your device. If the serial number begins with AAA, AAB, AAC, AAD, AAE, BAA, or BAB (followed by 6 digits) you have a Tellermate TY cash counter. If you can’t find the serial number, or are still unsure, take a quick look at the images below. The one on the left is a TY model. If you have the one on the right (a T-ix) you don’t need to worry, these will continue to be supported.

Tellermate TY Cash Counter

Tellermate TY

Tellermate T-ix









  • What does “no longer supported” mean?

No longer supported means two things. Firstly, we won’t be making any more TY cash counters. This means if your TY cash counter breaks, you won’t be able to purchase the exact same model as a replacement. Similarly, if you need spare parts or repairs we won’t be able to do this either. We will be offering our customers an opportunity to upgrade with the return of their TY cash counter. If you would like to self program/ troubleshoot your device, click here: TY / TY + Guide

  • Why are they no longer supported?

Quite simply we aren’t able to make them anymore. Many of the components we use are now obsolete. This means our suppliers can’t make the components we require for TY, and we’re unable to source them elsewhere.

  • But what if I’m a T-Cover customer?

If you’re a T-Cover customer with a TY device we’ll honour your contract. We’ll replace any broken TYs if we can. If not, we’ll upgrade you.

  • Where can I find extra information, or get in touch with someone at Tellermate?

For more information on how you can upgrade your Tellermate cash counter to our latest T-ix model, you can contact our sales team on the following:

Phone: (866) 281-6802


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