Dave Lunn
Commercial Director

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Meet Dave. Dave is our Global Sales and Marketing Director. He’s a real people person who loves to build real, long-lasting customer and partner relationships.

Dave joined Tellermate back in April 2009 after a long career in the lighting industry and more recently, the electronic security industry. Before joining Tellermate, Dave was the Managing Director of Cooper Security. Here he gained valuable experience in managing a truly global, but still customer centric business. Dave’s experience gave him an insight into the world of cash management within the retail and banking sectors and the implications of not managing cash effectively.

Before life at Tellermate, Dave had seen our cash counters at a number of his clients’ stores. So when an opportunity came up to work with Tellermate, he jumped at it.

Seven years later and Dave’s passion for Tellermate is stronger than ever. He has set himself the professional goal of growing the Tellermate business by adding value to his teams and customers alike. Dave leads by example, providing businesses across multiple continents with Tellermate solutions.

A note from Dave

“The first time I saw a Tellermate cash counter was at a client’s store. I was impressed by the speed at which it was able to count an entire cash drawer. As a Sales and Marketing professional, I could appreciate the simple design, yet complex technology behind each and every Tellermate solution. Plus, I could see first-hand just how much easier it was making life for the cashiers and the rigor they enforced into business processes. It really was an enviable solution.

Throughout my time at Tellermate, I’ve been able engage with clients, from single store-owners to some of the world’s best known high-street brands. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a great team developing some truly remarkable solutions.

I believe without a doubt that Intelligent Cash Drawers will save retailers, grocers and fast food restaurants huge amounts of time, with the potential to streamline their cash handling, eliminate almost all cash loss and most importantly, improve their customers’ experience.“

Contact Information:

Dave Lunn
01633 637208

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