Cloud Based
One-click transmit of count data to the secure cloud
Team Visibility
Log onto the viewer to check your team are following cash process
Event Overview
Get a complete overview of cash tasks across your estate
Instant Alerts
Understand how much was counted in a given store on any day

Tellermate Touch Viewer

The Tellermate Touch is a world first and the only cash counter with its own cloud-based application, allowing remote and on-site user access to the full count data from your PC, tablet or mobile device. We call it Tellermate Touch Viewer.

Check that stores have completed their cash counts from head office or on the move. Full information on the cash count is available, broken down into bills & coins with date and time stamps. You can export data with a single click. With instant visibility of the cash across your business, you can now make cash-related decisions on the spot – as well as analyse your data to spot trends.

It’s an enterprise-wide solution to improve transparency of cash counts. Use the Tellermate Touch and Viewer in standalone setup or as part of a wider end-to-end cash management solution. And because the Touch is a connected device, you can download firmware and currency updates direct from the cloud.

Store Summary

For your chosen date range get a complete overview of cash tasks across your estate. From counting the safe and cash lifts to full banking preparation. Or even spot checks…







Store Closeout Detail

For any given cash task, see all the tills; all the counts with timestamp and location. By inspecting the ‘last action’ taken you can know whether the closeout count has been performed.







Count Detail

By understanding the levels of cash by denomination you will build up a pattern of requirements allowing you to optimise change ordering.







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