Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Customer Stories from the QSR Sector

Golden State Restaurant Group

The Golden State Restaurant Group is a locally owned and operated family-run McDonald’s operator with 45 restaurants in the US. With tills overflowing with coins and the restaurants undertaking all cash counting manually, the Group identified a need to automate this process in each of its restaurants.

“The Touch saves time and reduces anxiety related to cash counting responsibilities. A great solution for creating in-restaurant efficiencies. “

Carli Schrader, Owner/Operator Golden State Restaurant Group

Greene King

Greene King is the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer, running over 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels.

“The Tellermate cash counters help keep our pubs running smoothly, our costs down, and secures our teams’ jobs as we navigate through the pandemic. “

Scorcha, Greene King

Panda Express

Panda Express, a privately owned company with more than 1600 restaurants across two continents, serves up thousands of meals every day, resulting in vast numbers of cash transactions.

“Even when we evaluated other companies against Tellermate, the relationship, service and support that Tellermate continually provides us always puts them at the top. “

Director of Audit

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