Retail Operations

Whether you work in the retail or restaurant industry, operational efficiency is critical to your organisation. Your whole business relies on you to ensure that your outlets run smoothly, stock levels are optimized, sales are boosted, costs are capped and that staff are managed. It’s a tough job. And, with lower customer footfall and increasing competition, retail operations

directors are now under even more pressure to drive greater revenues with smaller expenditures – squeezing every last penny out of your stores. But what if you could reduce store operating costs by driving efficiency? What if this efficiency came as a result of automating manual tasks? And, better yet, what if all this actually led to a better customer experience, not an inferior one?

Streamline cash handling

The more cash you take, and the more people you have handling this cash, the more likely it is that errors will occur. We help you streamline your cash handling, automating manual cash handling tasks and reducing cash loss in the process.


Improve store efficiency

Stores are busy places. Your employees are likely already stretched to capacity, and staff leaving the shop floor to reconcile tills only puts more strain on your remaining cashiers. Tellermate’s intelligent cash drawers enable you to keep tills online – even during shift changes. This reduces customer wait times and keeps sales flowing.

See how our in-store cash management solutions help global businesses manage their cash quickly, accurately and more efficiently – to help reduce operational costs and improve store productivity.

Reduce operational costs

Labour costs are on the increase. Our solutions enable you to automate manual process, reducing the number of man-hours needed to manage your money. Plus, our products help you reduce banking fees and CIT charges by optimizing your cash management.


Drive adherence to process

Our T-knx Cash Office software guides your staff through their daily cash management tasks, prompting them with helpful alerts, ensuring best practice, and driving adherence to process.


Get in touch

At Tellermate, our intelligent cash management solutions help businesses just like yours drive efficiency by automating manual cash handling processes. Our solutions enable your staff to spend less time reconciling cash drawers, setting floats and counting deposits, and more time where it really matters – with your customers.

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