When you work in the retail industry, technology moves fast. And, when you work in retail IT, it’s your job to keep up with it. Your whole business relies on you not just to ensure that your existing systems are running smoothly, but to identify and implement new technology that will help improve store efficiency and give your business that all-important competitive edge. Of course, finding these solutions is relatively easy. But, integrating these with your current systems is often a long, arduous and complex task.

Generate data for analysis

Our cash management solutions provide detailed audit trails of the cash in your stores at a transaction-by-transaction level. This helps your teams identify trends and inform processes.


Provide better visibility of the cash across your stores

By integrating with your PoS systems, our solutions give you not just a real-time view of how much should be in your tills, but how much actually is. Plus with mobile alerts, detailed audit trails, real-time dashboards and remote access, you can keep everyone in the loop should a discrepancy arise.

See how we tailored our solutions to help some of the world’s biggest companies generate in-store efficiency and more detailed audit trails of their cash.

Implement technology to improve store efficiency

Our market-leading cash management solutions use cutting-edge count-by-weight technology to automate and accelerate cash counting, leading to better efficiency in your stores.


Drive adherence to process

When it comes to cash management, making sure everyone follows best practice is difficult for your operational teams. Our T-knx Cash Office software drives adherence to process and ensures cash management is optimized by guiding store colleagues through their daily cash management tasks on screen.

Get in touch

At Tellermate, our products range from plug and play cash counters, to intelligent cash management software. But, what really sets us apart is our ability to integrate our solutions with your existing programs and PoS systems.

Our consultative process means that our experts work with your IT, project and operational teams to integrate with existing systems quickly and seamlessly. We know you’re busy people. So we keep your team informed every step of the way to ensure that we schedule all integration work when it best suits you.

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