Counts Bills & Coins
Counts bundles, bags and rolls of cash on the T-ix accurately
Fast Count
Count an entire cash drawer in less than 60 seconds, saving you valuable time
Powerful Connectivity
Multiple different connectivity options including USB, Ethernet & Serial
Highly Accurate
The device is light, portable and incredibly accurate. It can even weigh a single bill

Money Counting Machine

Counting cash is a laborious yet crucial activity that many businesses must undertake on a daily basis. And with the majority of businesses still taking more than half of their revenues in cash, cash management remains one of the largest concerns for senior management across global retail companies. We understand how important it is to streamline cash management across your stores and have developed the T-ix range of Money Counting Machine to help you achieve this. Regardless of the size of your business, the T-ix is able to help you reduce cash loss, save valuable time and streamline your cash counting process.

As the pioneer of count-by-weight technology, Tellermate has remained at the forefront of the cash management industry for decades. The T-ix is our latest iteration of cash counter and is packed with innovative features that ensure your business is able to dramatically improve its cash handling process. By offering a range of cash counters with varying features, we guarantee that you will be able to find the right product to suit the needs of your business.

Easy To Use

The T-ix cash counter has been developed to be easy to use. A large keypad and clear display makes the device effortless to use, even for first-time users. The intuitive menu structure has been designed to allow users to navigate quickly with minimal disruption. The cash counter is light, portable and tough, meaning that it is perfect for any cash handling environment.



Multiple Count Modes

Tellermate Money Counting Machines are able to accurately count the entire contents of a cash drawer in under 60 seconds making it an essential tool for any business that handles cash. By counting a broad range of banknote, coin and other media types, the T-ix is sure to satisfy your counting needs. So whether you are counting daily takings, investigating incidents of cash loss, or preparing bank deposits, the Tellermate T-ix will become an indispensable tool for your business.

Printer & Accessories

The T-ix can be combined with a Tellermate printer to increase the benefits of using a Money Counting Machine. Print outs can support investigations via a detailed audit trail, provide a means of checking discrepancies and confirm the time and duration of every count undertaken. This ensures adherence to process and provides a means of measuring store performance. We also provide a selection of other accessories for the T-ix range including cables, coin cups and rechargeable batteries for maximum mobility.


T-ix Cash Counter Demonstration

Discover how you can save valuable time and reduce cash loss when using a Tellermate cash counter

Connectivity Options

Whether your business requires T-ix connectivity to a printer, PC or back-office system, our range of cash counters provide the solution. Having worked with some of the largest retail brands in the world, Tellermate understands that the cash management needs of a business can differ. As a result, our cash counter range offers a variety of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet and Serial.



Reduce Cash Loss & Shrink

By providing detailed and accurate counts of your cash, the T-ix offers businesses a tool to combat cash loss. With the ability to create audit trails, generate cash data and perform quick checks for discrepancies throughout the day, your cash is given an extra layer of security. Never again will cash miscounts or inaccurate bank deposits cost your business.

Valuable Time Savings

With a T-ix Money Counting Machine you can reduce the time taken to count cash by up to 70%. This reduction in cash handling activities results in reduced labour hours and potential savings for the business. Through a more streamlined process, staff are able to spend less time with counting cash and more time with customers or revenue generating activities.

T-ix Range Feature List

– Multiple till handling, count tasks and currency options
Software upgrades available
– Multiple connectivity options
– Able to detect weight variations over time and automatically adjust
– Customizable bank values and multiple till memory
– Counts loose, strapped & clipped bills
– Counts loose, bagged and rolled coins
– Counts other media such as tokens & coupons

Rapid ROI

Regardless of whether you are a retail giant operating 2000 stores or a franchise owner operating just one; the T-ix is able to dramatically save your business time and money whilst streamlining and simplifying your cash handling activities. The robust design, powerful features and incredible long-term performance means that the Tellermate Money Counting Machine proves its worth very quickly providing a rapid ROI for any business.

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