Helping Cracker Barrel save 462,240 labor hours in 2019...

With Tellermate’s help, Cracker Barrel can generate operational cost savings, drive efficiency and reduce cash loss across your locations – helping to bolster the bottom line by more than $4m a year.

Cold, hard, savings

With more than 600 restaurants across the US, Cracker Barrel continues to grow successfully. But with this continued expansion, comes challenges around achieving everyday efficiency, cost control, adherence to process, and unfortunately, cash loss.

But what if Cracker Barrel could drive efficiency and reduce restaurant operating costs by automating manual tasks? What if this led to a reduction in labor hours and an increase to the bottom line?

By implementing intelligent cash management technology, Cracker Barrel could optimize the cash handling process; eradicating time-consuming manual procedures, driving efficiencies, and reducing both labor and operational costs across your locations. All this could lead to a saving of more than $4m annually. Here’s how…

LiveDrawer™ explained

Saving 462,240 hours in 2019

Tellermate’s End-to-End cash management solution (LiveDrawer), could help Cracker Barrel simplify the traditional cash management process by automating manual tasks (such as cash drawer reconciliations or CIT deposits), and reducing the number of “touches” in the cash-to-bank cycle.

This streamlined process cuts the time spent processing cash by up to 70% and saves around 2 hours, per location, per day. That’s a saving of around 462,240 labor hours, or more than $4m a year – and that’s before you count the reduction in cash loss.

Eliminating up to 99% of cash loss

Of course, as well as driving efficiency, you’ll want to protect your hard-earned profits…

With LiveDrawer’s detailed transaction-by-transaction analysis, Cracker Barrel could pinpoint a cash loss of as little of one cent to an exact drawer, shift, time – and even cashier – all in real-time. Alerts will be fired that give cashiers and managers an opportunity to correct a mistake as it happens, preventing the need for lengthy, retrospective loss prevention investigations.

Plus, the dashboard and analytical reporting tool will also help identify problem locations, suspect transactions and even cashiers with higher-than-average rates of loss. All this means that up to 99% of cash loss is eradicated, operations are streamlined and profits are protected.

A Trusted Partner

At Tellermate, we help businesses just like Cracker Barrel drive efficiency, reduce shrink, lower operating costs and get better visibility of their cash. Our intelligent cash management solutions are used by leading companies such as McDonald’s, Adidas and Michael’s to help them spend less time investigating cash loss, reconciling cash drawers, setting floats or counting deposits; and more time where it really matters – with their customers.

We’d love the opportunity to explore how we could help Cracker Barrel increase your profitability by driving efficiency, reducing labor costs and virtually eliminating cash loss across your locations.

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