Reducing workplace stress at cashing up time

The core benefits of using weight based cash counters are well known: instead of counting money by hand you save vast amounts of time counting coins and bills all on one handy device. But less well explored is the effect of helping reduce workplace stress. With the right training and support for the team, the use of cash counters in your operation can highlight those softer benefits.

One of the more important parts of the retail day is cashing up. It’s the culmination of everybody’s work and the evidence of a successful day’s trading. Yet it’s stressful for staff – if they made a mistake the cash drawer has to be recounted. This can be a real bottle-neck, soaking up management time. Stress can build up with managers, team members and ultimately be felt by your customers. And who needs workplace stress?
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Implementing technology for reducing workplace stress – the hidden cost of counting by hand

A device that counts a cash drawer in 60s seconds or less is an obvious investment. It means one less thing to worry about at the end of a busy day. And staff get to leave on time knowing the day’s takings have been counted accurately. Furthermore, knowing that it’s going to be a slick closeout will reduce cash-related stress building up during the day. Explore how a Tellermate cash counter is able to reduce workplace stress

Another cause of stress is customer disputes over the cash handed over. “I gave you a 20 – not a 10”. Again, the cash counter can be called into action to perform on-the-spot counts so a customer is not left waiting around. No-nonsense spot checks are also much easier to carry out whenever management need.

So there are wider benefits to cutting out manual cash counting. But to get the most from your investment, it’s important to share knowledge and training across the organisation. Ironically, having the technology and being expected to use it – but not understanding how – also raises stress levels. That’s why Tellermate pays particular attention to onboarding new customers.

A recent Tellermate rollout to a national chain brought together regional managers to discuss best practice and host ‘train the trainer’ sessions. Since cash counters can help with numerous tasks, their use has to be brought in line with store process. Colleagues were armed with the skills to speed up morning bank/float checks, closeout, banking preparation, and spot checks.

As part of the onboarding process, Tellermate worked closely with the group to ensure all stores were following a new streamlined cash counting process. A ‘Quick Start’ guide helped store colleagues get into good habits from the outset. Members of the customer support team were on standby to deal with queries and offer extra support. Tellermate also mapped out the store processes and configured the cash counters accordingly.

Shop managers now use their cash counters to set the bank/float and to check these each morning, for banking preparation as well as closeout. Coins delivered and held in the safe are checked more thoroughly to avoid any nasty surprises. And spot checks are much easier too – managers can run them whenever they need without slowing down customer flow.

So the message is clear – technology + training in retail helps ease the admin burden at closing and free up people’s time. The benefits can be felt by management, colleagues, and customers alike.

That reassuring Tellermate beep telling you your cash is being accurately counted helps ensure you arrive home stress-free, knowing that your cash counting process is in safe hands.

Want to learn more about how reducing workplace stress? Download the Ebook, “How handling cash can seriously stress your staff – and what you can do about it“.

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