Counts Bills & Coins
Counts bundles, bags and rolls of cash on the T-ix accurately
Fast Count
Count an entire cash drawer in less than 60 seconds, saving you valuable time
Immediate ROI
Save 30 minutes per cash drawer, per day - right from day one
Flexible Payment
Flexible payment options including commitment - free rental programs

Save 60+ labour hours per location, per month with Tellermate

Handling, counting and processing cash is a time-consuming activity for your restaurants. Each day, your employees count and recount tills, floats, bank deposits and more.

By automating this process with a Tellermate cash counter, your restaurants could save around 30 minutes per till, per day. For the typical QSR restaurant in the UK this means a saving of around 600 labour hours a month.

Innovative Technology to Drive Efficiency

Tellermate’s cash counters offer an inexpensive solution to the challenge of driving efficiency in your restaurants. By enabling your cashiers to accurately count an entire cash drawer or bank deposit in less than one minute, your restaurants will benefit from more efficient operations, and your employees will be able to spend time with what really matters – your customers.

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Rapid ROI without the upfront investment

With Tellermate’s flexible rental program, you’ll benefit from the rapid ROI our cash counters provide, without the need for a large initial investment. Choose one of our flexible rental options to generate immediate time, labour and cost savings in your restaurant even when budget is tight.

Watch how your restaurants can automate cash counting, saving valuable time and labour hours

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