Helping your business reduce loss and get real-time visibility of your cash…

With an end-to-end cash management solution, your business can virtually eliminate cash loss at the point of sale, while generating a real-time overview of essential LP metrics. Let Tellermate show you how…

Reducing shrinkage

You want to protect your hard-earned profits… With Tellermate’s end-to-end cash management solutions, your business could pinpoint a cash loss of as little of 1p to an exact till, shift, time – and even cashier – all in real-time. Alerts will be fired that give cashiers and managers an opportunity to correct a mistake as it happens, preventing the need for lengthy, retrospective investigations and virtually eliminating cash loss at the point of sale.

Generating a real-time picture

With an end-to-end solution your business will get real-time visibility of the cash across your locations. You’ll be able to analyze trends, such as cash loss by shift, cashiers with higher than average rates of errors, or the region with the highest level of banking discrepancies.

You’ll even be able to see which stores haven’t completed essential cash management tasks such as safe counts or cash drawer reconciliations. You’ll get this essential data, all in real time – allowing you to respond to incidents as they happen,  and allowing you to take a more proactive approach to protecting your company’s assets.

Connected Cash Counters

Our intelligent cash counters accurately count an entire cash drawer in under a minute. Count data can then be transmitted directly to cash management software, eliminating manual input errors and giving an instant picture of your cash across the business. Plus with full and accurate audit trails visible anytime, anywhere, accountability is increased, and stakeholders benefit from a more complete cash management solution at a fraction of the price of cash cash recyclers.

Intelligent Cash Drawers

With an intelligent cash drawer and smart safe combination, you’ll get an end-to-end solution that automates many traditional cash management tasks. The transaction-by-transaction reconciliation means cashiers no longer need to count drawers at shift changeover time, end-of-day cashing up is simplified, and banking preparation is accelerated. Plus, with its ability to highlight discrepancies between the drawer and the POS in real-time, cash loss is virtually eliminated.

A Trusted Partner

At Tellermate, we’re changing the way businesses think about cash management. We help global retailers such as Adidas, T-Mobile and Aldi implement solutions that virtually eliminate cash loss and provide real-time visibility of the cash across their stores.

We’d love the opportunity to explain how an end-to-end cash management solution could help your business achieve its objectives of reducing shrink, minimizing cash loss, and providing real-time oversight to your stakeholders.

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